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Foccer and Sockey Jerseys

Ah the beauty of cross-sport references. They can be executed quite well when done right, and the examples below are just the tip of the iceberg.

Foccer Shirts – NFL Team themed Soccer Jerseys

Dallas Cowboys

Sponsor: Dallas based American Airlines

The pinstripes on the away look excellent, and the home I would have added two Cowboy stars a la mid-90’s Juventus

Atlanta Falcons

Sponsor: Philips – who sponsor the home of the Atlanta Hawks, Philips Arena. My choice would have stuck with the local company and gone with Delta Airlines, but that sash and one red sleeve look awesome.

Green Bay Packers

Sponsor: Green Bay based Miller Brewing Co

The away is an homage to the Packers colors from the mid 1930’s, and the Milwaukee Brewers

New England Patriots

Sponsor: Stadium sponsor Gillette.

I like how they used the old NE logo instead of just the Flying Elvis logo.

Seattle Seahawks

Sponsor: Stadium sponsor Qwest.

These are my favorites, and I especially like the clash lime green and navy blue hoops, a look similar to their stadium brethren the Seattle Sounders


Sockey Jerseys – NHL Team themed Soccer Jerseys

Anaheim Ducks

Sponsor: Arena sponsor Honda

I think the best part about these is the use of the wild wing logo instead of the new stylized D, and the fact that the change uniform pays homage to the teams original uniforms

Chicago Blackhawks

Sponsor: Arena sponsor United Airlines

I think these look pretty good, especially the home due to its homage to the Blackhawks barber pole designs of the early 20th century.

Dallas Stars

Sponsor: Arena sponsor and Dallas based American Airlines

The home looks good, if not a bit plain, but the away I am not a huge fan of with the striped sleeves and plain body.

Detroit Red Wings

Sponsor: Detroit based Chrysler

I think these do look good, but resemble polo shirts more than anything, I know that the Wings have very simple uniforms, but there could be some striping or something on these, too plain for me.

All these crossover jerseys are just a taste of what a sports fan who is a graphic designer can do, if any of you have designs like this you would like shown off, please contact me and send me the images and I’ll be glad to post them.

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