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Bowling Bowling Bowling, College Football Bowling, Picking them all by Uniforms

Well it is a new year, 2012, and here at JJB, as some readers can see, I fell off towards the end of the year, but being a college student, that sadly tends to happen while taking two upper level writing courses, but my New Years Resolution is to get back to providing the best of the best for all uni and jersey related coverage this year, and my goal is a new article every 7-10 days. Today, I’m picking the BCS Bowl Games by the Uniforms teams will be wearing in the games, we’ve got 5 solid matchups to go through, so let’s pick the best way I know how – through my somewhat biased eyes.

Rose Bowl – Jan 2. Oregon vs. Wisconsin


Oregon will wear a different uniform combination for the fourteenth straight game this season, this tends to be what happens when you are owned by Phil Knight, tradition is re-made every week. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Oregon has had some cool uniforms, but others have been absolutely horrific. I think these new ones are pretty cool, and unlike last year, this one is actually green, which is the school’s official color (unlike the steel gray of last year). Now my favorite part is the helmet.

This looks awesome, now it does lack the official “O” school logo, on both sides, which is untradtional to say the least, but it reminds me of a cooler version of the Philadelphia Eagles helmet. If I could, I would definitely buy a mini-helmet replica of this helmet. Overall, Oregon’s uniforms aren’t bad, but I would prefer if they wore something a bit more traditional with this being college football and the “grandaddy of them all”


Wisco has a very solid uniform, you may think it looks very similar to the regular away uniform, but if you look closer, there are rose accents in the details of the numbers, very subtle, but VERY nice. Again, like Oregon, I am a huge fan of the helmet.

This works out PERFECTLY, Wisconsin Red = Rose Petal Red, this may not seem as cool as Oregon’s helmet, but at least it keeps the tradition of Wsiconsin’s standard uniform with minor tweaks.

My Verdict: I have to go with Wisconsin here, for Oregon, their uniforms are cool, but they make new ones every single week. Wisconsin’s uniforms are simple, but provide just enough change to merit the win.

Fiesta Bowl – Jan 2. Oklahoma State vs, Stanford

Oklahoma State

OSU has announced they will wear Black and Orange, however I am not sure if that means that the Cowboys will wear their uniforms they wore against Kansas, or the uniforms they wore during the Bedlam game vs Oklahoma, my assumption is the Kansas uniforms, since in a very Oregon style, OSU has not worn the same uniform in consecutive games this year. Oklahoma State has had very colorful uniforms this year to match their electrifying on field play.


Their opponent in Stanford, will be donning their much more traditional road uniforms as Andrew Luck hopes to (potentially) end his Stanford career on a high note with a Fiesta Bowl victory. Stanford, much like my beloved Wolverines, keeps their uniforms simple and classy, (except when they cave to Nike’s pro combat demands).

The Verdict: I do like the simplicity of Stanford’s uniform set, but I am gonna go with Oklahoma State because they are probably going black on orange, which looks quite sharp on the team.

And a special side note: The Winter Classic – Jan 2. Rangers vs. Flyers @ Citzens Bank Park, Philadelphia


This is a true Flyers uniform, orange base, white name plate, black accents. Now for those of you who did not know, the last time the Flyers played in the Winter Classic, in 2010, following the season, they made their uniforms from that game, based on their 1973-74 uniforms, into the official away uniform for 2010-11 onwards. Now I do like this uniform, but I don’t like it as much as the regular Flyers home uniform.


I am a gigantic fan of the Rangers standard uniforms, I think the slanted lettering is great. However, for one game, this is a nice throwback to the 70s uniforms. They use the old shield, but it still looks great, and the cream color is a very nice touch as opposed to traditional white.

My Verdict: As much as I love the Flyers, especially Jaromir Jagr, I am gonna go with big blue and The Rangers here, Philly’s is solid, but New York’s is just that much better.

Allstate Sugar Bowl – Michigan Vs Virginia Tech

As a Michigan fan, I am a tradtionalist when it comes to our uniforms, up through 2010, we had seen one home and one away each year. However, at the finale of the 2011 season, I have seen Michigan take the field inf FIVE different uniform combinations. The Home, Away, Legacy Home, Legacy Away, and now the Sugar Bowl uniform you see above. I am not a huge fan of this uniform, the two stripes make us resemble Virginia Tech turned horizontal, and the M seems out of place on the front.  The cool feature is the yellow block “MICHIGAN” across the back neck of the jersey. Now overall, I do not mind some experimentation with the Michigan uniform, after seeing the same two uniforms for so many years, its just after the two excellent legacy uniforms, this one flopped in my opinion.

Virginia Tech

Since they are sponsored by college football overlord’s Nike, Virginia Tech could be wearing a variety of uniforms in the Sugar Bowl, but assuming they wear their home duds, not too bad. When matched with white pants it is a fairly solid uniform, classic, if not a bit bland, and the dual color shoulders are my favorite feature.

My Verdict: I mean is this really debatable? Geaux Blue

Discover Orange Bowl – Clemson vs. West Virginia

I am not dignifying this game with an actual roundup, because A. West Virginia’s uniforms are awful and they play in a joke of a conference, and B. This is a sham of a BCS bowl, and therefore Clemson easily takes this matchup.

Allstate BCS National Championship Game – LSU vs. Alabama

As much as the fact that Alabama backed into this game makes me ill to my stomach, this is a uni-nut’s dream, two of the classic looks in college football going head to head. For this one, I am going with LSU, and like the Rose Bowl, I am basing this on the helmet. Alabama’s team name is the Crimson Tide, this is a good name, but my questions are A. how do you show this on the uniform? and B. why is an Elephant the mascot? For these reasons, and the fact that LSU actually has their mascot on their uniform, I am saying Geaux Tigers.

Ink Stains


Top Ten College Football Alternate Uniforms

It may only be July, but camps start up and colleges around the nation at the end of the month, even more exciting, this week marks the newest release of EA Sports’ excellent College Football video game, NCAA Football 12. To honor this great time for video game and college football fans alike, I bring you the best alternate uniforms that college football teams have worn. This is unique because as most college football fans know, the sport is about TRADITION, meaning that uniforms are almost NEVER changed, so when a team does bring out an alternate look, its a pretty big deal.

Washington Huskies 2010 All Black

The Huskies released this black alternate uniform with their redesigned uniform set in 2010. It follows the sometimes good/sometimes bad ‘Black for Black’s Sake’ Trend which has appeared in alternate uniforms in many spots. I like this because it combines the classic color combination of black and gold while keeping Washington’s first color purple in the spotlight. This was worn on a few occasions during the 2010 season, including the Huskies’ 19-7 Holiday Bowl upset win over Nebraska.

Texas Christian Black Jerseys

Texas Christian already sports one of my favorite college color scheme’s with their regular uniforms but its a special treat when they break out the alternate look, new helmet, jersey and pants for a complete flip flop. I think the Black jerseys and purple pants provide a little more menace to the uniform than the standard attire, and as avid readers know, Black and Purple is one of my favorite uniform color combos.

Florida State All Black

When Florida State unleashed these for the first time in 2006, I was overjoyed as well as mystified, as this was just a case of BFBS. I do think the ‘Unconquered’ running down the pant legs is a pretty cool touch, and the overall look goes well with Florida State’s gold helmets and trim, I just wish they had done the numbers in gold with a seminole red outline, because it is kind of difficult to read them from a distance, but still, bravo to Nike for these great alternates.

Alabama 2006 ‘Houndstooth’ Jerseys

Alabama wore these variations of their home jerseys in 2006 against Ole Miss to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Bear Bryant’s 315th win. Nike designers wanted to honor the legendary coach by utilizing his signature Houndstooth hat as jersey trim, creating this beautiful homage to one of the all time greats.

North Carolina Navy Blue

I love Sky Blue, whether it be North Carolina, Manchester City, or even smurfette, something about the color gets me. I’ll also be the first to admit it looks ridiculous on the gridiron. It is always a treat when UNC busts out their alternate navy blue tops, because with the sky blue as an accent, the overall look is much better and they actually look like a football team, instead of a lighter shade of the blue man group.

2011 Arizona State Blackout

I have yet to see these on field, as ASU just revealed them for the upcoming season, but from these renderings it seems Nike did one hell of a job giving ASU a proper BFBS alternate uniform. The devil trident on the helmet looks good and the yellow really pops, I’m excited to see ASU bring these out.

2007-08 Georgia Black

These Georgia uniforms looked simply INCREDIBLE, and it was surprising it took all the way until 2007 for them to make their triumphant debut. The black and grey with red accents is about as perfect as a BFBS uniform can get, however, after being thoroughly beaten by Alabama in Athens during the 2008 blackout game, the jerseys were unceremoniously retired. Its been three years, I think its high time coach Mark Richt has the ‘Dawgs come back in black.

Oregon State Orange Alternates

Oregon State wear’s these so often they are more like a second home jersey than an alternate, but I think they look great, especially with the black helmet and black pants, it also made Jacquizz Rodgers (above) look that much more electrifying as he dazzled defenses and fans with his explosiveness.

Army Golden Knights Camouflage

I mean, does this need any explanation?

2007 LSU Katrina Relief Uniforms

Simple, its totally opposite from what we see LSU play in every Saturday. The white helmets I think should be used for special occasions, and its rare to see the purple jerseys, which were given those added yellow and white flags on the chest for this game specifically. I am not saying LSU needs to stop being the Cowboys of college football (white at home) but seeing purple and white is a nice touch.

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