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Total Recall: Recapping the newest Uniforms in multiple sports

Hey everyone, I am finally back online. I know its been a few months, but I have been tied up in school, and my new television program that I co-host and co-produce, Ultimate Sports Show (watch the entire first season here). But there has been a flurry of uni-related news these past couple weeks that I had to give my two cents about, so let’s dive right in

Yes the Washington Redskins, just over a month after Nike unveiled their slightly altered home uniforms the Washington Redskins unveiled their new 80th anniversary throwback uniforms which they will wear during two unspecified home games this season.

According to the presser from Nike – the uniforms are a modern take on the team’s uniforms worn in 1937. I for one think they do look sharp but have some Florida State overtones, ironically, the last Redskins anniversary uniform worn in 2002 and 2003 to celebrate the team’s 70th anniversary also bore a resemblance to the Seminoles. Overall, I really like these uniforms, the helmets, which are supposed to resemble the leather helmets worn back in the ’30s, have a nice touch with the matte brown paint. Overall though, I do not like them as much as the 70th anniversary uniforms, but these are pretty good.


Well, this certainly is a case of two steps forward, one step back. After splendid kits for 2010 and 2011, Arsenal have decided to add blue back to the home strip for the first time since 2000. That 2000 home kit is one of my favorites of all time. This one is by no means terrible, just a bit surprisng to see the blue come back. Overall, it looks sharp, and I am not one of those die-hards who insists Arsenal must have the same red shirt white sleeves home kit every single season. So change is refreshing, but I still prefer the 2011 kit. JJB Rating: 7/10



I do have to say, this kit is MILES better than this past season’s atrocity for the blues, however, one has to feel Adidas may have stolen a page from Umbro’s playbook, as this bears a strong resemblance to Chelsea’s centenary kit from 2005 but at least this year, the sponsor agreed to go for the gold so the kit matches. Overall, a sharp kit, I do wonder however if it will make its debut when Chelsea takes on Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final on May 19, normally Adidas teams will debut the next season’s strip on the world’s largest stage in the Final, as they have with Bayern Munich in 2010 and Chelsea in 2008. JJB Rating: 8/10


The back of Liverpool's new shirt

Hello Nurse was my first response when I saw this absolute beauty of a kit. I, like many other kit enthusiasts, wondered how Warrior sports – new to the kit game, would make Liverpool’s first kit, and they rewarded Liverpool fans with this retro number that harkens back to the European cup winning teams of the 1980s. The use of the Liver bird in place of the traditional club crest, which has angered some of the family members of those who tragically died in the Hillsborough disaster 23 years ago, the eternal flames in Liverpool’s club crest recognize those who died in the incident, however the tribute has been shifted to the rear of the shirt along with a ’96’ to commemorate the 96 lives lost. I for one love the kit, the only change it could use would be a switch back to Carlsbeg as the sponsor. JJB Rating: 9.5/10 (best Liverpool kit since 2006)

Manchester United

My first question about these kits to United fans – U MAD BRO? because these are the most hideous United kits I have seen in a very, very, very long time and the fact that they resemble a tea-towel makes me do this . The team claims it is an homage to the ‘gingham’ check pattern that pays an homage to the history of  the cotton industry in the city of Manchester. To all Man U fans: do the right thing, boycott this kit by NOT buying one this season and let all the fair weather fans and bandwagon hoppers sport this atrocity. JJB Rating: 1/10 (because at least they got the colors right)

Ink Stains:

  • In sad news, as I’m sure you all know, Junior Seau sadly took his own life last week, rather than draw judgement, I pray for his family and if you would like, watch this touching tribute to a great man whose life was tragically cut short. RIP Junior.
  • Liverpool wore a special ‘Seeing is Believing‘ sponsorship in their rout of Chelsea this past week
  • Texas Rangers rookie Robbie Ross forgot to change jerseys during a doubleheader against the Orioles
  • Both Everton and Manchester City have agreed to deals with Nike to be their respective kit providers, Everton for the upcoming season, Manchester City for 2013-14

Top 10 Most Fashionable Kits For The New Season

Well we are now ankle deep into the world soccer season, there have been great games (Barcelona 2-2 AC Milan in Champions League) bad games (See Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal) great goals and awful misses (your faithful author made that awesome .gif.) But with this, I decided to make a Top Ten, similar to my Top 15 Kits for Non-Soccer fans article from last season, this season I decided to go with the Top Ten most fashionable kits, that look great on and off the pitch. Here they are (in no particular order)

Everton Home Goalkeeper

There has never been a goalkeeper jersey more worth buying than Everton’s 2011-12 army inspired kit. Worn by American ‘keeper Tim Howard, this camoflauge affair will easily be one of the more recognizable goalkeeper jerseys of the past few years. Tim Howard is ready for war between the posts and on the pitch.

QPR Third Shirt

QPR is celebrating their return to top flight soccer by replicating their famous shirt worn in 1975-76, when they were beaten to the old First Division title on the final day of the season by Liverpool. The checkerboard design and asymmetric shoulder both look excellent. I do hope that QPR stay in EPL long enough to secure a different shirt sponsor than the below average Lotto however.

Aston Villa Away

Last season, Villa tried out their checkerboard motif on both the home and away kits, this season they blew the lid of last season by going full gray check on a white shirt, which looks absolutely excellent. The only deterrent is the somewhat ugly Genting logo, if only Aston Villa had stayed the non-profit route and kept Acorns children’s hospice, easily their best shirt sponsor in recent memory.

Arsenal Home

Arsenal may have started the season contrary to their motto of Forward, by finding themselves at 17th in the table, but nothing changes the Gunners sense of style, and Nike’s respect to keep tradition intact. A red shirt with white sleeves, how EVERY Arsenal home shirt should be. To celebrate the 125th season, the team integrated their current logo into this new retro design, incorportating the teams first motto of “Forward”

Manchester City Home

For 2011, Manchester City looked directly to the fans for inspiration. The shirt features a soundwave pattern created from a recording of team anthem “Blue Moon” being sung inside City of Manchester Stadium. Smart move by the team looking inward for inspiration, and reflecting not only on their fans, but the city of Manchester’s musical history.

Porto Home

Porto absolutely flourished last season under new boss Andre Villas Boas, going undefeated in league play and winning the UEFA Europa League. This year their shirt looks impeccable. The amount of blue and white stripes is just right, and even the ridiculous amount of sponsor logos (there are 4 in total) the shirt still looks excellent.

AC Milan Third

For this kit, Italy’s most famous football club took inspiration from the one thing that is more important than soccer in Milan, fashion. The black is met with classy gold accents for the Adidas and the modified badge. The subtle Italian flag motif across the front is an excellent way to showcase national pride and keep the shirt from being dull.

Liverpool Away

Pop Quiz: when was the last time Liverpool had a black away shirt? Common knowledge would say 2009-11 has provided two black aways and a third, however, Liverpool classifies their 2009 shirt and this season’s shirt as phantom and storm grey respectively, meaning the correct answer is 2010. This year’s phantom affair is the best away kit merseyside has seen in a while, even better than their phantom and gold kit from 2009. The Deep Grey seems to shift color in the light, with excellent silver and red accents make for a beautiful kit.

Barcelona Away

Now, as I have been saying since May, this is muddled by the Qatar Foundation sponsorship, but overall the shirt is absolutely excellent. Barcelona have not had a dark away kit since the 2002-03 season when they wore navy blue. The kit is simple, the black is classy, and the yellow really make it pop.

New Chelsea and Liverpool Kits – Adidas has an interesting sense of humor

Two of the biggest powers in English football unveiled new kits for the 2011-12 season. Chelsea released their home kit for 2011-12, and Liverpool released their away for 2011-12 this week (Liverpool will keep this season’s home shirts for next season also, as they have done a two year cycle for a long time now)

Photos courtesy of SoccerBible and FootballshirtCulture

One word from my Nana D’Agostino can describe this: Stupendo

WHAT A KIT for Liverpool, it takes two good elements from this season’s kits, the pinstripes from the away and the black and shadowed logo from the third shirt. Combine the two, add silver and red, and here is what you get, another great black Liverpool away shirt keeping with the trends of 2007 and 2009. Now one thing that is kept in common with the last season’s black shirt is that the red torches, which memorialize the 96 lives lost during the Heysel and Hillsborough tragedies are still kept in red, signifying the eternal flame. It will be paired with black shorts and black socks, leading to a very menacing look for the Reds as they try to climb their way back up the EPL table. Overall, I give this a 9/10, it looks great, but 10’s are saved for the best of the best, and I need to see this on field, but know that I, and thousands of Liverpool supporters will have their’s preordered for its May 12 release date.

See now its interesting that Adidas released both these in the same week, because Liverpool’s kit looks incredible, whearas this looks like shite. Adidas claims that it is an homage to the Chelsea kits of the 1980’s, but this is way too much retro combined into one, the middle striping looks cool across the chest and torso, but throwing in the white paneling on the stripes looks like garbage, and even more so on the longsleeve. I thought this year’s was bad when they added the red trim (I know its a part of their history, but it just looked wrong) but it seems Adidas is continuning the excellent trend of ruining Chelsea Kits on a year by year basis. Let’s take a quick retrospective, shall we? 2006-08 – Pretty Good, 2008-09 Not Terrible, 2009-10 – PEC PARTY, 2010-11 – THE RED! 2011-12 – Too Much Retro at once. So, Adidas has continued a downward spiral for Chelski, which as an Arsenal supporter, I find hilarious, but hopefully, like this season, there will be an excellent looking away kit to counter a subpar home. Now the question is, will the new home kit bring an end to the best website of all time?

I am excited to see that new kits are coming out as the club season’s come to a close, it means I am already readying my summer shopping list and I am definitely getting Liverpool done up in Suarez by May 12. I’m going on a short break until the end of the month – Its finals time, which means no time to blog, but I have some content ready for next week, I’ll end the month with a HUGE Top 10 of EPIC proportions, until then – J

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