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Well its almost the best day of the Sports Calendar, Super Bowl Sunday. The New York Giants will face off against the New England Patriots in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII (42 for those of you who don’t speak Roman Catholic). The teams, ironically will be wearing the same uniforms that they did in their last match ups (They played during week 9 this past season in Foxboro (Pictured Above) and also wore these uniforms in Super Bowl 42). and neither team has made any notable uniform changes since their last confrontation on the grandest stage of them all. The Patriots will be in blue again, and the Giants in white. The only notable changes will be the Patriots’ patch they are wearing this season, in loving memory of Myra Kraft, wife of team owner Robert Kraft, who passed away during this past offseason. Since with last year’s Super Bowl I picked the winning team by the past ten matchups and seeing who was better dressed, I decided to change my method for this year. Since these teams have played in a combined eight Super Bowls, I thought we’d look back at the uni history of those games and decide in that manner.

Super Bowl XX: 1986 – Chicago Bears 46, New England 10

One of the most dominating defense’s of all time Shuffled their way to a 15-1 record and the Bears first Super Bowl win by curb-stomping the AFC representatives. Uniform wise this was a very aesthetically pleasing matchup. The old Patriots uniforms are very easy on the eyes, and by actually sticking to Red, White and Blue, feel a little more patriotic than the current ensemble. However, the team does wear near replica’s of these as an alternate uniform. The Bears road uniform has gone unchanged to this very day. However, if the uniform combinations were switched, this would allow for a Bears win, but I have always liked their home more than their road, so the win here goes to New England. NE: 1-0

Super Bowl XXI: 1987 – New York Giants 39, Denver Broncos 20

Just one year after New England was destroyed by Chicago, the Giants reached their first Super Bowl, led by a fearsome defense and one scary mofo in Lawrence Taylor. The Broncos were dressed in their all whites, which the only problem I had with them is the lack of orange compared to the orange crush home uniforms of that period. The Giants had a spectacular and classy home uniform, with the block “GIANTS” across the helmet, a design I much prefer to their current setup. The Giants not only took home their first Lombardi, but did so being the best dressed team on the field. NYG: 1-0

Super Bowl XXV: 1991 – New York Giants 20, Buffalo Bills 19

The Giants faced off against the Bills in a battle for New York state bragging rights in 1991, and again were dressed as the home team. The Bills lost only because Scott Norwood’s aim was just off and the Giants took home their second Super Bowl championship. This game was very close-uniform wise, but I will take the Giants here again, I just like their home uniforms *that* much more than the Bills. NYG: 2-0

Super Bowl XXXI: 1997 – Green Bay Packers 35, New England Patriots 21

The man they used to call Brett Favre’s first Super Bowl apperance ended with a victory over a New England Patriots side that really should have fired their graphic desinger for this uniform atrocity. It did see the introduction of “Flying Elvis” who still resides on the Pats’ helmets today, but the fact that he was on the shoulders was just too much. These uniforms looked too cartoon-y to be taken seriously as an NFL uniform. Victory easily goes to Green Bay here. NE: 2-1

Super Bowl XXXV: 2001 – Baltimore Ravens 35, New York Giants 7

Ah yes, the first Super Bowl I ever watched in full, when my beloved Ravens took down the Giants 34-7 (who ironically had dismantled the Vikings the week prior in the NFC Championship game). The Ravens, who finally had figured out their uniforms after multiple botches and black pants, were looking good in their first appearance. The G-Men on the other hand made a decision to downgrade their classic look for something more modern. This game in my eyes is as big of a blowout as the game was Ravens take the victory. NYG: 2-1

Super Bowl XXXVI: 2002 – New England Patriots 20, St. Louis Rams 17

The dawn of the Tom Brady legend occurred in New Orleans on a mild February night. This was a very aesthetically pleasing Super Bowl. The Rams old away uniforms looked sharp with just the right mixture of blue and gold along with white. The Patriots were looking MUCH better than their last trip to the Superdome vs Green Bay. However, under those lights, I have to go with New England here. NE 2-1

Super Bowl XXXVIII: 2004 – New England Patriots 32, Carolina Panthers 29

One of the more epic Super Bowl’s, the Patriots won an exciting game 32-29, but they were the second best dressed team here. I have always LOVED Carolina’s road uniform. The balance of white and that almost Tar Heel blue with black accents, along with a silver helmet, looks absolutely spectacular. Not to knock the Patriots constantly classy home uniform, but Carolina has a good modern classic uniform. Carolina takes the uniform win in their losing effort. NE: 2-2

Super Bowl XXXIX: 2005 – New England Patriots 24, Philadelphia Eagles 21

The first time during the Brady/Belichick dynasty that the Pats find themselves as the designated “Road” team, and it came up against the high-octane 2004 Eagles team, featuring Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens before their messy divorce in 2005. This was a very aesthetically pleasing uniform matchup, both teams featured clash in blue and green, and it was good seeing clash pants as well (White  for Philly, Blue for New England). This is one of the more difficult matchups to pick, as I like both teams uniforms. But New England takes it in a close one. NE: 3-2

Super Bowl XLII: 2008 – New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14

And finally, we reach that fateful day from 2008. My mantra as a pseudo-Patriots fan about this game is  “Never Forgive, and NEVER FORGET.” The Giants prevented the Pats from becoming the first undefeated NFL team of the modern era, and that still gives me sour grapes today. This, much like Sunday’s game, will be a very uni-pleasing, and patriotic matchup (Both teams wear Red, White and Blue). However, looking at the Giants royal blue, they look more like France compared to the Patriots American Navy Blue. Like some of these other matchups, if the uniforms were reversed, I might go in favor of New York, but you can’t beat that Pats home uniform. NE 4-2

Final Counts: NE 4-2 NY 2-2

Its simple, both teams have two losses, but New England has four wins, giving them a 2/3 winning percentage compared to the Giants 2/4. This Sunday, I am also picking New England to take care of business, for Tom Brady to cement his legacy as a GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and for the Patriots to honor the late memory of Myra Kraft with a Super Bowl victory. Patriots 28, Giants 21. I hope everyone enjoys watching the game, and I’ll be back next week with a Champions League primer.

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