Legends of the Pitch

This is a project I am currently undertaking, over the past few months I have acquired shirts of some of the legends of world soccer of the modern era, once I get the collection together I will post them in all their glory on this page. The list includes as follows

  • Zinidene Zidane
  • Paul Scholes
  • Edwin Van Der S
  • Paolo Maldini

Note: As you know, I am a devout Arsenal fan, but this part of the collection is strictly the collector side of the business, and has more to do with respect than support, so be careful before you accuse me of bandwagon hopping as I am Arsenal through and through.

David Beckham: 2006-07 Real Madrid Away

Dennis Bergkamp: 1995-96 Arsenal Home

2005-06 Arsenal Home

Eric Cantona: 1996-97 Manchester United Home Shirt

Thierry Henry: 2000-02 Arsenal Home

2005-06 Arsenal Home

2006 France Away

Paolo Maldini: 2004-05 AC Milan Home

Paul Scholes: 2010-11 Manchester United Away

Edwin Van Der Sar: 2010-11 Manchester United Goalkeeper Away

Patrick Vieira: 2010-11 Manchester City Away

Zinedine Zidane: 2001-02 Real Madrid Third Shirt


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