2001-03 Home Shirt

  • Classic home shirt design of the hoops’
  • Last Umbro and ntl: Home shirt before Nike and Carling took over as manufacturer and shirt sponsor respectively

2010-12 Home Shirt

(Picture Coming Soon!)

Player: Freddie Ljungberg #7

  • New home shirt design with new sponsor Tennent’s
  • The legendary Celtic #7 was taken on by Freddie Ljungberg in January 2011 when he was signed from the MLS Chicago Fire and was given a contract thru the end of 10-11
  • Upon being handed the new shirt: ”When I was at Arsenal I had Ian Wright’s number and he was a legend there. I’ll try to do the same here with the number seven shirt – to wear it with pride and do my best.” said Ljungberg
  1. the umbro shirt pictured is actually one of the more controversial shirts in celtic’s history – never before had the hoops been interrupted – they have always before and always since gone all the way around the shirt. this shirt’s white panels on the side broke with almost 100 years of tradition.

    nike didn’t take over until season 2005-06. umbro introduced two more shirts after the one you have pictured – a 100 years of hoops shirt worn in larsson’s last season (2003-04), and a 70s-inspired collared shirt worn in o’neill’s last season as manager (2004-05).


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