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Bowling Bowling Bowling, College Football Bowling, Picking them all by Uniforms

Well it is a new year, 2012, and here at JJB, as some readers can see, I fell off towards the end of the year, but being a college student, that sadly tends to happen while taking two upper level writing courses, but my New Years Resolution is to get back to providing the best of the best for all uni and jersey related coverage this year, and my goal is a new article every 7-10 days. Today, I’m picking the BCS Bowl Games by the Uniforms teams will be wearing in the games, we’ve got 5 solid matchups to go through, so let’s pick the best way I know how – through my somewhat biased eyes.

Rose Bowl – Jan 2. Oregon vs. Wisconsin


Oregon will wear a different uniform combination for the fourteenth straight game this season, this tends to be what happens when you are owned by Phil Knight, tradition is re-made every week. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Oregon has had some cool uniforms, but others have been absolutely horrific. I think these new ones are pretty cool, and unlike last year, this one is actually green, which is the school’s official color (unlike the steel gray of last year). Now my favorite part is the helmet.

This looks awesome, now it does lack the official “O” school logo, on both sides, which is untradtional to say the least, but it reminds me of a cooler version of the Philadelphia Eagles helmet. If I could, I would definitely buy a mini-helmet replica of this helmet. Overall, Oregon’s uniforms aren’t bad, but I would prefer if they wore something a bit more traditional with this being college football and the “grandaddy of them all”


Wisco has a very solid uniform, you may think it looks very similar to the regular away uniform, but if you look closer, there are rose accents in the details of the numbers, very subtle, but VERY nice. Again, like Oregon, I am a huge fan of the helmet.

This works out PERFECTLY, Wisconsin Red = Rose Petal Red, this may not seem as cool as Oregon’s helmet, but at least it keeps the tradition of Wsiconsin’s standard uniform with minor tweaks.

My Verdict: I have to go with Wisconsin here, for Oregon, their uniforms are cool, but they make new ones every single week. Wisconsin’s uniforms are simple, but provide just enough change to merit the win.

Fiesta Bowl – Jan 2. Oklahoma State vs, Stanford

Oklahoma State

OSU has announced they will wear Black and Orange, however I am not sure if that means that the Cowboys will wear their uniforms they wore against Kansas, or the uniforms they wore during the Bedlam game vs Oklahoma, my assumption is the Kansas uniforms, since in a very Oregon style, OSU has not worn the same uniform in consecutive games this year. Oklahoma State has had very colorful uniforms this year to match their electrifying on field play.


Their opponent in Stanford, will be donning their much more traditional road uniforms as Andrew Luck hopes to (potentially) end his Stanford career on a high note with a Fiesta Bowl victory. Stanford, much like my beloved Wolverines, keeps their uniforms simple and classy, (except when they cave to Nike’s pro combat demands).

The Verdict: I do like the simplicity of Stanford’s uniform set, but I am gonna go with Oklahoma State because they are probably going black on orange, which looks quite sharp on the team.

And a special side note: The Winter Classic – Jan 2. Rangers vs. Flyers @ Citzens Bank Park, Philadelphia


This is a true Flyers uniform, orange base, white name plate, black accents. Now for those of you who did not know, the last time the Flyers played in the Winter Classic, in 2010, following the season, they made their uniforms from that game, based on their 1973-74 uniforms, into the official away uniform for 2010-11 onwards. Now I do like this uniform, but I don’t like it as much as the regular Flyers home uniform.


I am a gigantic fan of the Rangers standard uniforms, I think the slanted lettering is great. However, for one game, this is a nice throwback to the 70s uniforms. They use the old shield, but it still looks great, and the cream color is a very nice touch as opposed to traditional white.

My Verdict: As much as I love the Flyers, especially Jaromir Jagr, I am gonna go with big blue and The Rangers here, Philly’s is solid, but New York’s is just that much better.

Allstate Sugar Bowl – Michigan Vs Virginia Tech

As a Michigan fan, I am a tradtionalist when it comes to our uniforms, up through 2010, we had seen one home and one away each year. However, at the finale of the 2011 season, I have seen Michigan take the field inf FIVE different uniform combinations. The Home, Away, Legacy Home, Legacy Away, and now the Sugar Bowl uniform you see above. I am not a huge fan of this uniform, the two stripes make us resemble Virginia Tech turned horizontal, and the M seems out of place on the front.  The cool feature is the yellow block “MICHIGAN” across the back neck of the jersey. Now overall, I do not mind some experimentation with the Michigan uniform, after seeing the same two uniforms for so many years, its just after the two excellent legacy uniforms, this one flopped in my opinion.

Virginia Tech

Since they are sponsored by college football overlord’s Nike, Virginia Tech could be wearing a variety of uniforms in the Sugar Bowl, but assuming they wear their home duds, not too bad. When matched with white pants it is a fairly solid uniform, classic, if not a bit bland, and the dual color shoulders are my favorite feature.

My Verdict: I mean is this really debatable? Geaux Blue

Discover Orange Bowl – Clemson vs. West Virginia

I am not dignifying this game with an actual roundup, because A. West Virginia’s uniforms are awful and they play in a joke of a conference, and B. This is a sham of a BCS bowl, and therefore Clemson easily takes this matchup.

Allstate BCS National Championship Game – LSU vs. Alabama

As much as the fact that Alabama backed into this game makes me ill to my stomach, this is a uni-nut’s dream, two of the classic looks in college football going head to head. For this one, I am going with LSU, and like the Rose Bowl, I am basing this on the helmet. Alabama’s team name is the Crimson Tide, this is a good name, but my questions are A. how do you show this on the uniform? and B. why is an Elephant the mascot? For these reasons, and the fact that LSU actually has their mascot on their uniform, I am saying Geaux Tigers.

Ink Stains


NHL Preview

Ah, Fall is officially here, and hockey season is HERE, and we have quite a few uni-related changes for this upcoming season. League-wide, teams are recieving new versions of the Reebok EDGE jersey (which was last updated in 2007) and more importantly, we have the Atlanta Thrashers (and their God-awful uniforms) being relocated to Winnipeg and debuting a brand new uniform set. Let’s run down the changes we will see on the ice this season

Most important new feature about new edge jerseys is the logo change, teams formerly used the Reebok logo vector on the back of the collar, but has now switched to the Reebok wordmark.

Let’s see who did what with their uniforms in the offseason:

Edmonton Oilers – After going classic with their home jerseys in the 2009-10 season. The Oilers decided to complete their ‘retro-ization’ this spring by unveiling their new, retro road jersey. The team completely scrapped their 2000’s look and is now emulating the jerseys worn by the Great One.

Los Angeles Kings – The Kings decided to flip their home and third jerseys, making the ‘Captain LA’ jersey their official home sweater, and their crown jerseys their alternate sweater.

Nashville Predators

The Predators took a few steps backwards in my book, they went from having a fairly solid navy blue and gold color scheme to going ALL GOLD, needless to say I am not a huge fan of the change, but since the Preds are a rival of my beloved Red Wings, I don’t mind seeing them dress a bit worse. The away uniform took a few steps in the right direction, dumping the starter jacket effect the former away jersey had for something a bit more clean. However, I do think that could have kept the script ‘Nashville’ on the front of the jersey.

Ottawa Senators have even more reasons to hate the rival Buffalo Sabres now. Thanks to a misplaced shipment, the team’s new batch of third jerseys was sent from Indianapolis to the Buffalo Sabres team shop instead of Ottawa. An alert shopper in Buffalo kindly obliged to the faux pas by taking pictures and posting them on the internet, leaving the Sens’ front office to admit that these were indeed their new third jerseys.

I think the Barberpole design is actually a very nice touch. The team says these jerseys are a tribute to the original Senators franchise, who played in Ottawa from 1917-1934 and won 11 Stanley Cups during that period. Two things to point out are that first, the O on the front is a little bit too Oregon Ducks for my liking. Second, the jersey has gone bilingual in its jersey patches, the right shoulder reads ‘Ottawa Senators’ and the left shoulder alternately reads ‘Senateurs d’Ottawa.” I think these will be warmly received by the fans in Ottawa, but the team needs to wear them only for special occasions so that they do not become overused and undervalued.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Lightning GM Steve Yzerman has given the Lightning’ a new look suspiciously familiar to the team he spent his entire career with. The team dumped black as their primary color, and switched to royal blue, going for a much simpler look.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs unveiled these new third uniforms as an homage to their uniforms worn in the late 1960’s and during their last Stanley Cup victory in 1967. I think they look great, the tie up collar is an excellent retro touch, the stripes look great, and I much prefer this to the Leafs’ most recent third sweater

Winnipeg Jets

The Jets are back and I am thrilled about it, however, I am not completely thrilled with the new uniforms. I think they are a solid, modern design, but are too plain for me. I think the old design the Jets had until 1996, when the original team departed for Phoenix. I think over time these will grow on me, and I’m sure to celebrate the team’s return by investing in a Dustin Byfuglien jersey. And remember, they are still a HUGE upgrade over the garbage they wore in Atlanta

And of course, my favorite part of Hockey season besides seeing my beloved Red Wings play, the Ice Girls are back.

Ink Stains:

Happy Hockey Season Opener To All! – J

Foccer and Sockey Jerseys

Ah the beauty of cross-sport references. They can be executed quite well when done right, and the examples below are just the tip of the iceberg.

Foccer Shirts – NFL Team themed Soccer Jerseys

Dallas Cowboys

Sponsor: Dallas based American Airlines

The pinstripes on the away look excellent, and the home I would have added two Cowboy stars a la mid-90’s Juventus

Atlanta Falcons

Sponsor: Philips – who sponsor the home of the Atlanta Hawks, Philips Arena. My choice would have stuck with the local company and gone with Delta Airlines, but that sash and one red sleeve look awesome.

Green Bay Packers

Sponsor: Green Bay based Miller Brewing Co

The away is an homage to the Packers colors from the mid 1930’s, and the Milwaukee Brewers

New England Patriots

Sponsor: Stadium sponsor Gillette.

I like how they used the old NE logo instead of just the Flying Elvis logo.

Seattle Seahawks

Sponsor: Stadium sponsor Qwest.

These are my favorites, and I especially like the clash lime green and navy blue hoops, a look similar to their stadium brethren the Seattle Sounders


Sockey Jerseys – NHL Team themed Soccer Jerseys

Anaheim Ducks

Sponsor: Arena sponsor Honda

I think the best part about these is the use of the wild wing logo instead of the new stylized D, and the fact that the change uniform pays homage to the teams original uniforms

Chicago Blackhawks

Sponsor: Arena sponsor United Airlines

I think these look pretty good, especially the home due to its homage to the Blackhawks barber pole designs of the early 20th century.

Dallas Stars

Sponsor: Arena sponsor and Dallas based American Airlines

The home looks good, if not a bit plain, but the away I am not a huge fan of with the striped sleeves and plain body.

Detroit Red Wings

Sponsor: Detroit based Chrysler

I think these do look good, but resemble polo shirts more than anything, I know that the Wings have very simple uniforms, but there could be some striping or something on these, too plain for me.

All these crossover jerseys are just a taste of what a sports fan who is a graphic designer can do, if any of you have designs like this you would like shown off, please contact me and send me the images and I’ll be glad to post them.

Relocation Mania – How Teams moving can change unis for better or much much worse

In case you didn’t know, the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers are ditching Hotlanta after 11 years and moving to Winnipeg. Now this begs an important question, will the franchise be the Winnipeg Jets reincarnated? The team that played in Winnipeg from 1972 to 1996 before moving to Phoenix and becoming the Coyotes, or will the NHL choose a brand new franchise name? Rumor has it that TNSE, the group who bought the team, may name them after AHL Affiliate the Manitoba Moose, as the Moose are planning to be moved to Saskatoon by TNSE. I for one say bring back the Jets name, history and those classy uniforms. However, this got me thinking, there are a variety of teams that have moved locations, changed names, and in doing so, recieving brand new uniforms, today, we’ll take a look at six major relocations during the past two decades and if the teams looked better in their new, relocation gear more than their old uniforms.

1995 – Cleveland Browns become the Baltimore Ravens

The city of Cleveland was screwed as usual (see: The Drive. James, LeBron) when Art Modell packed up the team and took them to Baltimore, the new team would leave all of their history in Cleveland for a new franchise in the not so distant future (Browns 2.0 opened shop in 1999.) The team that moved to Baltimore would become the Ravens in 1996 and see almost immediate success (Super Bowl win in 2000-01 season) When the Ravens debuted their first uniform set, it was a breath of fresh air to a then-still old school NFL. Purple and Black was a radical new color scheme, but the team’s first uniforms were by far their worst, but interesting fact – wearing purple and black made the Ravens the NFL’s first team to wear dark colors from head to calf. The Ravens uniforms have vastly improved and were a big step in how modern NFL uniforms would look (many teams now wear monochrome or all dark colors at home.) Did they improve by moving – YES

1996 – Winnipeg Jets become  Phoenix Coyotes

The Jets were a great classic NHL team with the likes of the Nordiques, Whalers and North Stars. They uprooted to Phoenix in 1996 and were given uniforms that were an atrocity to everyone’s eyes. The coyote was not only resembling a bull/robotic coyote, but the color scheme was absolutely terrible. Second, the team was placed in the US Southwest, which is a TERRIBLE location for a hockey team. Hopefully the former Thrashers will be bringing back the Jets name to make up for this horrendous blunder of a uniform set. (PS. In 2003, the uniforms were made a good amount better. Did they improve by moving? NO

1997 – Hartford Whalers become Carolina Hurricanes

The Whalers were my favorite old NHL franchise, a great logo, great players (Pat Verbeek, Shanny, Ron Francis) and a devoted Connecticut fan base. However, the team sadly up and moved in 1997, leaving for Raleigh, NC. The team also shed itself of one of the NHL’s best logos for what is basically a target logo on speed. Old school hockey fans still remember the Whalers and their short run in the NHL. The ‘Canes have seen success, but they are hardly as folklore-ish as the Whalers were.

Did they improve by moving? NO

1997 – Houston Oilers eventually become Tennessee Titans

 – team was the Tennessee Oilers from 1997-98

Oh it was sad to see the Oilers leave Houston, a simple logo – a blue oil derrick in Oil rich Texas, the perfect logo for a team led by a stereotypical Texan coach – Bum Phillips. The team left for Tennessee in 1997, and became the Titans in 1999 (no need to explain how weird it was to have a team called the Oilers in Oil-less Tennessee, not like the Titans says much anyway.) The Titans uniform has stayed unchanged for the most part since 1999 (other than some color-flipping) and isn’t terrible, but nothing compares to the AFL throwbacks the Titans broke out in 2009 to celebrate 50 years since the start of the AFL, these Oilers throwbacks were gorgeous

2005 – Montreal Expos become  Washington Nationals

The Expos were an absolutely atrocious team by the time they left Montreal, wallowing in the NL East cellar for the better part of a decade and failing to sell out Olympic Stadium, attendance was so poor they shifted some games to Hiram Bithorn stadium in Puerto Rico just to survive (note the team was owned by the league at this point.) Upon moving to DC in 2005, they were given some of the dullest uniforms in baseball, and likewise, have been playing dull and foolish baseball, finishing with a losing record every year in DC. Did they improve by moving? NO

2008 – Seattle SuperSonics become Oklahoma City Thunder

The Sonics were kind of anonymous existing in the Pacific Northwest, and then Gary Payton arrived. Injecting a big dose of crazy and enthusiasm into basketball in Seattle. Kevin Durant was expected to do the same when drafted in 2007, but shifty business man and new owner Clay Bennett picked up the team and decided to decieve the Seattle fan base, taking them to Oklahoma City, much like Washington, they were given fairly dull uniforms, but the color scheme works well, and Durant, Westbrook, Harden and the rest of the young Thunder are starting to make an impact on the rest of the NBA. The Sonics, also did not have the greatest uniform scheme in the NBA, but it was a classy look.

Did they improve by moving? Jury is Out

A Star Studded Weekend On the Horizon

This upcoming weekend is significant in the world of sports entertainment (more on the entertainment side.) This coming Sunday, January 30 (My 20th Birthday to boot) The tweaked NHL All Star game is in Raleigh, the Pro Bowl returns to Hawaii, and to cap it off (a nostalgia to my childhood) the WWE Royal Rumble pay per view is in Boston. All Star games means new, one off jerseys for consumer whorish fans to put down 150 bucks for, let’s see what atrocities Reebok provided for the league’s this year.

NHL All Star Game –  RBC Center, Raleigh, NC – Team Staal (White) vs. Team Lidstrom (Blue) – (I’m Team Lidstrom)

The NHL tweaked the All Star game since its last incarnation from 2009 (none was played last year due to the Winter Olympics.) This year they went super old school in possibly a nod to playground Hockey. They picked two captains (one from each conference) – Eric Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes and Nicklas Lidstrom of my beloved Red Wings, and on Friday, January 28, they will hold a fantasy draft where they pick from a pool of fan voted players to create each of their teams. I find this concept funny because whoever are the two picked last are obviously the worst all stars  (but they go home to their millions of dollars and super model wives so I doubt they are complaining, unlike on the playground, where the kid pick last gets nothing.) But to the jerseys, Team Staal is wearing White with Red  and Silver trim, and Team Lidstrom is wearing Navy blue, with White and Royal blue trim. Really these jerseys are the same with different colors, I prefer Team Lidstrom’s because the blue looks better. The NHL says they picked these six colors as they are the most recurring among NHL team’s official colors.

NFL Pro Bowl – Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI – AFC vs. NFC

It was already bad enough in 2009 and before since the Pro Bowl was a joke of NFL all stars running up the score against each other, but the atmosphere was relaxed and the players had fun. However, last year, the NFL decided to fill its broadcast gap between the Conference title games and the Super Bowl with the Pro Bowl. Dumb, specifically because it means players in the Super Bowl (and SB participants usually have many Pro Bowlers) cannot play, this year removing stars like Troy Polamalu, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews from the game and costing them their vacation to Hawaii. One thing has stayed constant all these years. Pro Bowl uniforms SUCK. They alternate every year of who is home (AFC Red vs. NFC Blue) But they always have too many stars or look absolutely ridiculous (a la the half color half white of a few years ago.) This year’s have been simplified some, which is better, but not great. My question is this: why can this and the other All Star games not be like baseball, where players wear their OWN TEAM’S JERSEY in the game (at least they have the helmets) but its simple, one side is in white, the other is an amalgamation of darker colors, I think that would vastly improve the situation, and allows players to represent their own teams to the fullest. But for now – Yawn.

Well I’m now entering one of those hell stretches in school, so I will try my best to keep content flowing for next week but we will see what happens, however, be on the lookout for articles from our other staff members too! – J

Jersey Flip Flop

Ever wanted your team to swap their home and away uniforms? or maybe switch between their home and their third? today I’ll examine  these scenarios with certain teams throughout professional sports.

Detroit Red Wings

Anyone who has read this blog before knows I swear by the Wings current road jersey, it is top 5 in my favorite jerseys of all time, and I wish the team would wear it at the Joe once again, but for the time being, I deal with the somewhat over-red, blood red home sweater which while menacing, does not have the class or tradition of the white sweater, it also makes us look like the former Soviet Union at home.

Seattle Seahawks

When the Seahawks re-did their colors in 2002, I was not a huge fan, however, this white jersey when paired with White pants doesn’t look half bad, it actually makes the neon green piping almost seem right. However, this is a real pipe dream, the Seahawks are the one team of the thirty two NFL teams who have NEVER worn white at home throughout their whole existence, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them run into Qwest Field wearing these one hot September afternoon.

Orlando Magic

I was absolutely riveted when the Magic released these uniforms. A throwback to the Shaq and Penny era of the team with the modern twist of the current uniforms. Imagine how good the team would look wearing their current blue, away jerseys at home and these black jerseys on the road. Easily one of the best color combinations in the entire NBA, I wouldn’t complain if they officially donned these jerseys as much as possible while still keeping the blue jerseys alive.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons jersey has grown on me over its seven year tenure in Atlanta, it is not the classic design the jersey that preceded it was, but is a nice modern take. The home jersey is a little too much red for me to handle, which is why, like the Cowboys, I would enjoy if the Falcons wore their whites at home. A good looking modern design that would also let Atlanta fans see all the colors of the NFL.

New Jersey Devils

In my NHL favorite jerseys article, the Devils appeared as a dark horse amongst my top 5 favorites. Now, even though they do pair their home red with black pants, it creates a near visual mishmash of dark colors. Luckily the team has these, which have just enough red paneling and black accents paired over white to make a beautiful looking jersey for the team. This is yet another uniform that makes me want the NHL to switch back to the pre-2003 format of wearing white jerseys at home, how it was, and how it should be.

New Orleans Saints

Now presenting, the jerseys your Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints’ wore in their first championship win over the Colts. Ever since I have watched football, this has been the Saints classiest combination possible for a variety of reasons. 1. The home black uni has 3 (count ’em, 3) different shades of gold, which looks ridiculous, and it is too often paired with their black pants, creating a menacing, but near boring look for the team. The team often wears these jerseys early in the year and many times at home and on the road, so bravo and a big hand to the boys from Bourbon Street for being very uni-sensible.


Well there you go, the teams that probably should give their road/third jersey a try at home, a change of color never hurt anyone, and there is nothing in the rules (besides NHL) saying they cannot wear these jerseys at home. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! – J

My Greatest Sports Weekend EVER

Today, I am taking a minor tangent of my own (still jersey-related, but a bit different.) This past weekend, I went through what was easily the greatest sports weekend of my life, I saw an NHL game, College Hockey (at the Big House), watched a great EPL match and went to my first NFL game all within 96 hours of each other. And the most interesting part? the better dressed team won every single game (even at the dismay of my beloved Arsenal dropping to 2nd in the table.) Let’s start shall we?

Friday 12/10/10 – Detroit Red Wings vs. Montreal Canadiens

Mike Camallieri (Michigan Alum) and Todd Bertuzzi on the Ice in Friday’s Action

An original six matchup at the Joe? yes please, for me, this game is like Michigan vs. Ohio State, my favorite against my sworn enemy. The uniforms did not let down either, as much as I hate Montreal, as an original six, they know NOT to mess with their classic uniforms, and the white looks better than the red to me. The Wings looked classy as usual, and since it was at home, they donned their all red, almost soviet looking home unis, but the Wings as the better dressed team prevailed 4-2 for a Red Wings Victory. (and to boot I caught one of the coupons for free pizza during the pizza toss too!)

Saturday 12/11/10 – Michgan Wolverines vs. Michigan State Spartans – The Big Chill at the Big House

Ok, so the premise of this was sick from the start. But, add in the following to the mix: throwback unis, comfortable temperatures, a B2 Stealth Bomber in the flyover, and Row 3 seats? 2nd greatest experience at the Big House I’ve ever had. (Nothing tops the MSU game from ’04)

My only complaint about Michigan’s special edition jerseys for this game was the shoulder pattern, I was not a huge fan. But down to the classic adidas trefoil and actual Wolverine, they looked great. The atmosphere was absolutely electric, and even some of the football players showed up in my section (I met Koger, Stonum,Van Bergen, Demens) so a great time was had, and again, the best dressed team won, in a 5-0 blowout nonetheless.

If you look bottom center next to the other Indian you’ll spot yours truly at the game. (Thanks to Harnoor Jain ( for the photo)

Note: After the game I picked up this from the stand on Hoover for $10, definitely a great purchase

Monday 12/13/10 – Manchester United vs. Arsenal

I had this fixture marked on my calendar since the fixtures were released months ago. Arsenal v. Manchester United is always a spectacle, but sadly, my sworn enemy Howard Webb was reffing this match, and Arsenal did not come to play. A 1-0 defeat that drops us back to second and keeps our losing streak against United and Chelsea going. As much as I despise the damned Red Devils, they dress at home very similar to my Gunners, Red shirt, white shorts, and that easily trumps any Arsenal yellow shirt they wear (PLEASE STOP MAKING THEM) so again, 3/3, the better dressed team is victorious.

Monday 12/13/10 – Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants (The Snow Bowl at Ford Field)

On sunday, my off day from sports, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to footage of the Metrodome caving and the announcement that the game would be moved to Detroit, most importantly tickets would be FREE. However, tickets sold out in subzero temps monday morning, luckily my buddy Akhil came to the rescue, as he went to the Lions Packers game the day before, and those tickets got us in. After two long hours of traffic, I was finally able to see my first NFL game (wearing that Michigan Winter t shirt – 8 comments from people during the game thinking it was hilarious.) The Vikings came out in their home duds, which are a little to Arena League-ish for me, and the Giants in their standard Away white and reds, which look great accented by the blue helmet.

The Vikings, who as you definitely know by now (unless you’ve been under a rock) were without Brett Favre, leaving their offense anemic at best, the Giants shut em down 21-3 with great rushing performances by Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, and as the trend goes, the better dressed team won. They obviously had to try and make as much money off this game as possible, and since this is America they obviously marketed these –

Since this was my first ever NFL game, I figured buying one of these shameless plugs was a great way to commemorate it.

So that was my incredible sports weekend, the only negative is that exams are Thursday and Friday, but then I get the entire weekend to watch more sports. I was glad to see 3/4 my four teams win, and was surprised that the best looking team won each game. I’ll be back next week and over the Holidays be on the lookout for something brand new from JJB. Until then – J

Top 5 Holiday-Themed Uniforms

Thursday is Thanksgiving, which means some NFL teams (Lions especially) will be breaking out the throwbacks for the occasion, which got me thinking, what are the best uniforms teams have worn on different Holidays? This list includes unis from Thanksgiving and other Holidays.

Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Throwback Rating: 7/10

Yes, the team has modernized (and by that, I mean tainted) their classic look with black, but this is such an upgrade from the regular Lions uniforms for me. The simplicity of the uniform, and the fact it is a throwback to a time when we won more often than we lost, it makes me glad to see even when we get roasted every Thanksgiving (except for that rare occasion we get scheduled an easy Turkey day opponent) that we look good while losing.

Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Throwback, Rating 8.5/10

Again, an incredible upgrade from their normal home uniforms. This really makes the Cowboys shine when they do wear them on Turkey day. (sadly, unlike the Lions, the team doesn’t break out these beauties on an annual basis) The fact the Cowboys wear these instead of white is a nice change once a year, and I really like the star accents on the shoulders, it is a good blend of white on blue on a home jersey.

Patriots Thanksgiving Throwback, Rating: 9.5/10

Yes, this is the Pats current throwback, but interesting fact, the Patriots first broke it out during the Brady/Belichick dynasty against the Lions on Thanksgiving 2002 in one of the NFL’s few color vs. color games to the day. I absolutely love these throwbacks and am glad the Patriots have kept them. It really is a great homage to their original uniforms when they were the Boston Patriots and I am interested to see if the team will wear the away counterpart to this jersey for Thanksgiving 2010 in Detroit.

New Jersey Devils – St. Patrick’s Day Throwback. Rating: 8/10

This Devils alternate is actually one of their past uniforms from early on in the franchise’s history, but the team decided that St. Patty’s would be the most fitting day to break them out as a throwback, and I agree. These jersey’s are somewhat of a downgrade from the standard Devils’ outfit, but I do enjoy the overall holiday theme of the uniform, and seeing it on the ice once in awhile is a pleasant sight.

Red Sox St. Patrick’s Day Alternates, Rating: 8.5/10

The “Sawx” break these out every St. Patty’s for spring training and a few other times early in the season, I respect this idea considering Boston’s strong Irish population, and I think the uniforms are a good, one off idea, although I also think that the green uniform idea should stick to Boston, other teams like the Reds, Phillies and White Sox need to stop soiling this tradition.

Well there’s the top 5 unis for the holidays, I wish everyone an enjoyable and delicious Thanksgiving, and a safe start to the my favorite time of year, the Holiday season. Until next week – J


The Top 5 Cities By Uniforms in American Sports

5. Milwaukee/Green Bay

Wisconsin is known for a few things, cheese, beer, basically Midwest traditions, however, their sports uniforms are highly underrated also. The Packers wear one of the best home uniforms in the NFL, and I am a person who thinks that green and yellow look awful together, but the Pack have been and forever will make that combination work well. The Bucks have gone through some color scheme changes over time, but they have finally found something that works in Green, Red and White. And finally, the Brewers, who combine blue and gold so well to make for a great looking set of uniforms.

4. Houston

Houston would be higher up on this list if the Texans were still the Oilers, however, fourth is incredibly respectable for a town that does not even have all four major leagues in the city. I have liked the Texans uniforms ever since they took the field in 2002, the home jersey looks very good when paired with white pants. The Astros red and black pinstripe design has always been top 10 MLB unis in my book, and even their non-pinstriped jerseys look incredibly sharp. Finally, the Rockets, who returned to this classic design in 2003, make a sharp looking, modernized homage to their past

3. Chicago

It would be near impossible to leave Chicago off this list, great town with great sports. Da Bulls have always dressed sharp even before Jordan joined the team (although it is safe to say he is what made that uniform famous.) As much as I HATE the Blackhawks, I LOVE that black third jersey, and the white away looks pretty solid as well. Da Bears have one of the best looking home uniforms in sports, the blue, orange and white mesh together so well. And the Cubbies, love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are the best pinstriped team in the NL.

2. Detroit

Plain and Simple, The D has the four of the classiest uniforms in sports, and together they catapult Detroit to the silver medal of best dressed cities. The Red Wings have easily the best away sweater in the NHL with the crisp red wheel on white and red panels, many a Stanley Cup have been won in this shirt. The Lions uniform has taken a few steps back recently, but everyone can recognize the Honolulu Blue and Silver of the Lions (Personally I prefer the away jersey.) The Pistons redesigned their uniforms to be a classic in 2001, and have stuck with the look ever since. It is a nod to the “Bad Boys” teams that won two consecutive NBA titles in the late 1980’s. Finally, the Tigers, who have arguably one of the best home uniforms in baseball, the Olde English D on white, very simple, and a true classic of the game.

1. Boston

Collectively, Boston has the best big four collection of uniforms in the country. Three of the four designs are classic and the Patriots uniform has been worn during their three Super Bowl wins. Beantown easily wins. The classic black and yellow of the Bruins is an original six design. The Red Sox have barely altered their home look for the better part of the past century. New England instilled the “Flying Elvis” in 1994, it is not my favorite look, but Tom Brady and the team have won three Super Bowls with Elvis on their helmets, I suggest they stick with it. The Celtics have had their historic green and whites since their inception. Congrats to Boston, collectively, you have the best dressed sports city in America.

So Boston has bragging rights for being best dressed sports city, Anyone have any cities that should be on this list instead of others? email me, or comment on facebook! – J


Great Debates: White At Home In American Sports. Good or Bad?

Every sport has its own uniform rules and guidelines, but one that each of the major four American sports is split on is the concept of White at Home. Baseball and Basketball both wear white at home (well baseball has alternates, but white is designated the home color.) Whereas Football and Hockey both have teams wear their colored sets at home and predominately white on the road. Let’s take a sport by sport look


Always: Cowboys

Sometimes: Carolina, Miami, Tampa, Houston, San Diego, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore

Rarely: Rest of League

As you can see, many teams in the NFL do wear white at home, especially those in warmer climates, as wearing dark colors in September can be very problematic for teams dressing in Navy and Black. Tex Schramm, the Cowboys former President, decided the team should wear their white jerseys at home so “fans could see all the colors of the NFL” and the team has stuck with the white jerseys at home ever since. I think there is a good amount of White at home already in the league, but I wouldn’t mind seeing even more.


Pre-2003 (Good)

Post 2003 (Bad)

A rule change after the 2002-03 season made teams wear their colored jerseys at home, I did not support this AT ALL, it had been traditional that teams ALWAYS wore white at home. Being a Red Wings fan, and I’ve repeatedly said this, the team’s white sweater is one of the best in Hockey, so why bother messing with that and other team traditions by forcing them to wear their colors at home? A group of fans is spearheading an effort to get the rule changed back to normal, and I fully support them in their task. Bring back white at home in the NHL!



Away/Not so Good

The Tigers are a prime example of why White at Home in baseball should stick. The white uniforms look great, they gray ones, decent, but a distant second the home set. Baseball is one of the oldest sports in America, and white has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS been the home color, with gray usually designated as away (although with teams like Colorado and Texas rarely wearing road grays, the game has become more colorful.) Good job MLB, you set the precedent that the other leagues should follow. 


Teams that don’t have a white standard jersey: Lakers

To my knowledge, only the LA Kobe’s, I mean Lakers, wear a non-white home jersey and are the only team to do so on a regular basis. The NBA has similar rules to the NFL, Home team has first choice uniforms (sometimes teams will don their aways/alternates or throwbacks for a promotion.) And the road team must wear opposite colors. I think this system also works fine, as fans can see the entire spectrum of the NBA rainbow, but seeing some color at home for Sunday games or special nights is also a nice thing.

Special Note: Soccer

Sure, I’m biased as a soccer fan, but personally, I think soccer has the best system, teams should both be able to wear colors as long as they do not CLASH. Take Arsenal and Chelsea for an example

In all soccer leagues, the home team has first choice kits, which is usually their home strip (In this game, Chelsea is wearing their standard kit at home.) However, Arsenal does not clash at all, except for their socks (typically white,) so a simple sock change, and both teams can wear their traditional colors. I suggest that we bring this to American sports, both teams can wear their respective colors unless their is a full out color clash (Blue vs. Blue etc) then teams can break out the whites/ second uniforms

Verdict: Soccer offers the best system, which would create a world where both teams could wear their colored uniforms at least 50 percent of the time, and only break out the whites/grays when absolutely necessary. However, since that pipe dream will never come true; Baseball and Basketball do it the best, teams in American sports should wear their white uniforms at home, like Tex Schramm said, it would allow fans to see many more uniforms at home games instead of seeing their same favorite team colors vs a team in white every home game. What are your opinions? should teams stick to the football/hockey system and wear colors at home? wear white? or go with the soccer idealogy? – J


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