NHL Preview

Ah, Fall is officially here, and hockey season is HERE, and we have quite a few uni-related changes for this upcoming season. League-wide, teams are recieving new versions of the Reebok EDGE jersey (which was last updated in 2007) and more importantly, we have the Atlanta Thrashers (and their God-awful uniforms) being relocated to Winnipeg and debuting a brand new uniform set. Let’s run down the changes we will see on the ice this season

Most important new feature about new edge jerseys is the logo change, teams formerly used the Reebok logo vector on the back of the collar, but has now switched to the Reebok wordmark.

Let’s see who did what with their uniforms in the offseason:

Edmonton Oilers – After going classic with their home jerseys in the 2009-10 season. The Oilers decided to complete their ‘retro-ization’ this spring by unveiling their new, retro road jersey. The team completely scrapped their 2000’s look and is now emulating the jerseys worn by the Great One.

Los Angeles Kings – The Kings decided to flip their home and third jerseys, making the ‘Captain LA’ jersey their official home sweater, and their crown jerseys their alternate sweater.

Nashville Predators

The Predators took a few steps backwards in my book, they went from having a fairly solid navy blue and gold color scheme to going ALL GOLD, needless to say I am not a huge fan of the change, but since the Preds are a rival of my beloved Red Wings, I don’t mind seeing them dress a bit worse. The away uniform took a few steps in the right direction, dumping the starter jacket effect the former away jersey had for something a bit more clean. However, I do think that could have kept the script ‘Nashville’ on the front of the jersey.

Ottawa Senators have even more reasons to hate the rival Buffalo Sabres now. Thanks to a misplaced shipment, the team’s new batch of third jerseys was sent from Indianapolis to the Buffalo Sabres team shop instead of Ottawa. An alert shopper in Buffalo kindly obliged to the faux pas by taking pictures and posting them on the internet, leaving the Sens’ front office to admit that these were indeed their new third jerseys.

I think the Barberpole design is actually a very nice touch. The team says these jerseys are a tribute to the original Senators franchise, who played in Ottawa from 1917-1934 and won 11 Stanley Cups during that period. Two things to point out are that first, the O on the front is a little bit too Oregon Ducks for my liking. Second, the jersey has gone bilingual in its jersey patches, the right shoulder reads ‘Ottawa Senators’ and the left shoulder alternately reads ‘Senateurs d’Ottawa.” I think these will be warmly received by the fans in Ottawa, but the team needs to wear them only for special occasions so that they do not become overused and undervalued.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Lightning GM Steve Yzerman has given the Lightning’ a new look suspiciously familiar to the team he spent his entire career with. The team dumped black as their primary color, and switched to royal blue, going for a much simpler look.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs unveiled these new third uniforms as an homage to their uniforms worn in the late 1960’s and during their last Stanley Cup victory in 1967. I think they look great, the tie up collar is an excellent retro touch, the stripes look great, and I much prefer this to the Leafs’ most recent third sweater

Winnipeg Jets

The Jets are back and I am thrilled about it, however, I am not completely thrilled with the new uniforms. I think they are a solid, modern design, but are too plain for me. I think the old design the Jets had until 1996, when the original team departed for Phoenix. I think over time these will grow on me, and I’m sure to celebrate the team’s return by investing in a Dustin Byfuglien jersey. And remember, they are still a HUGE upgrade over the garbage they wore in Atlanta

And of course, my favorite part of Hockey season besides seeing my beloved Red Wings play, the Ice Girls are back.

Ink Stains:

Happy Hockey Season Opener To All! – J


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