Top 10 Most Fashionable Kits For The New Season

Well we are now ankle deep into the world soccer season, there have been great games (Barcelona 2-2 AC Milan in Champions League) bad games (See Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal) great goals and awful misses (your faithful author made that awesome .gif.) But with this, I decided to make a Top Ten, similar to my Top 15 Kits for Non-Soccer fans article from last season, this season I decided to go with the Top Ten most fashionable kits, that look great on and off the pitch. Here they are (in no particular order)

Everton Home Goalkeeper

There has never been a goalkeeper jersey more worth buying than Everton’s 2011-12 army inspired kit. Worn by American ‘keeper Tim Howard, this camoflauge affair will easily be one of the more recognizable goalkeeper jerseys of the past few years. Tim Howard is ready for war between the posts and on the pitch.

QPR Third Shirt

QPR is celebrating their return to top flight soccer by replicating their famous shirt worn in 1975-76, when they were beaten to the old First Division title on the final day of the season by Liverpool. The checkerboard design and asymmetric shoulder both look excellent. I do hope that QPR stay in EPL long enough to secure a different shirt sponsor than the below average Lotto however.

Aston Villa Away

Last season, Villa tried out their checkerboard motif on both the home and away kits, this season they blew the lid of last season by going full gray check on a white shirt, which looks absolutely excellent. The only deterrent is the somewhat ugly Genting logo, if only Aston Villa had stayed the non-profit route and kept Acorns children’s hospice, easily their best shirt sponsor in recent memory.

Arsenal Home

Arsenal may have started the season contrary to their motto of Forward, by finding themselves at 17th in the table, but nothing changes the Gunners sense of style, and Nike’s respect to keep tradition intact. A red shirt with white sleeves, how EVERY Arsenal home shirt should be. To celebrate the 125th season, the team integrated their current logo into this new retro design, incorportating the teams first motto of “Forward”

Manchester City Home

For 2011, Manchester City looked directly to the fans for inspiration. The shirt features a soundwave pattern created from a recording of team anthem “Blue Moon” being sung inside City of Manchester Stadium. Smart move by the team looking inward for inspiration, and reflecting not only on their fans, but the city of Manchester’s musical history.

Porto Home

Porto absolutely flourished last season under new boss Andre Villas Boas, going undefeated in league play and winning the UEFA Europa League. This year their shirt looks impeccable. The amount of blue and white stripes is just right, and even the ridiculous amount of sponsor logos (there are 4 in total) the shirt still looks excellent.

AC Milan Third

For this kit, Italy’s most famous football club took inspiration from the one thing that is more important than soccer in Milan, fashion. The black is met with classy gold accents for the Adidas and the modified badge. The subtle Italian flag motif across the front is an excellent way to showcase national pride and keep the shirt from being dull.

Liverpool Away

Pop Quiz: when was the last time Liverpool had a black away shirt? Common knowledge would say 2009-11 has provided two black aways and a third, however, Liverpool classifies their 2009 shirt and this season’s shirt as phantom and storm grey respectively, meaning the correct answer is 2010. This year’s phantom affair is the best away kit merseyside has seen in a while, even better than their phantom and gold kit from 2009. The Deep Grey seems to shift color in the light, with excellent silver and red accents make for a beautiful kit.

Barcelona Away

Now, as I have been saying since May, this is muddled by the Qatar Foundation sponsorship, but overall the shirt is absolutely excellent. Barcelona have not had a dark away kit since the 2002-03 season when they wore navy blue. The kit is simple, the black is classy, and the yellow really make it pop.


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