NFL One Day Late Primer: A Reflection of the Patriotic First Weekend

It was a busy opening weekend for the NFL, the games started on Thursday with a huge season opener between the last two Super Bowl Champions in Green Bay. The big day was Sunday, which involved some huge games, as well as some excellent tributes from fans and players alike (see above) to commermorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks. Overall, I had to say it was a great way to welcome back football after the dark cloud that was the lockout hung over us for the spring and summer. Let’s run through each match up and see what changes or special things teams did for their uniforms

League Wide

  • Players that have been captains for five seasons for their teams are now wearing Gold captaincy patches with four stars filled in

  • Every player’s uniform featured the flag bow tribute (which you can see above on Eli Manning and Brian Urlacher’s jerseys)

The Matchups

Green Bay 42, New Orleans 34

Standard uniform matchup, Packers won in a great game to kick off the NFL season, including a very parkour-like move on a kickoff return from one explosive Randall Cobb of the Packers. Notable Fact: Saints were featured in the last intraconference (AFC vs. NFC) league opener in 2007 against the then Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts.

Chicago 30, Atlanta 12

The Bears opened the season at home in their blue home jerseys for the first time since 2002, and that game was played at Memorial Stadium in Champaign while Soldier Field underwent renovations, meaning the last time they played their season opener in Chicago AND wore blue jerseys, was in 1999, a 2o-17 win over Kansas City.

Cincinnati 27, Cleveland 17 

Cleveland, after not wearing White jerseys at home since their 2008 opener against the Cowboys, new coach Pat Shurmur announced that the team will wear white in all eight home games this season, and with the exception of their November 6 game against Houston, the team may wear their white jerseys in all 16 games this season.

Buffalo 41, Kansas City 7

Buffalo debuted their excellent new uniforms in style, making the defending AFC West champions look like a pee wee squad in their most humiliating home loss in years.

Philadelphia 31, St. Louis 13

St. Louis elected to wear their all blue uniforms at home (instead of their usual home attire) and the Eagles went with their normal away uniform.

Detroit 27, Tampa Bay 20 

Tampa opened the season in their traditional all white ensemble, The Lions wore their standard home uniform as Matt Stafford stayed in for the whole game and showed some of the skills that made him the number one pick of the 2009 draft (305 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT)

  • Brandon Pettigrew elected to change his number from 84 (assigned in 2009) to his number from Oklahoma State, 87.

Jacksonville 16, Tennessee 14

Jacksonville wore white at home for the first time since the 2007 season, and Tennessee wore their normal home uniforms. Tennessee running back Chris Johnson celebrated his brand new 6 year, $56 million dollar contract with 24 rushing yards, this was only the third time in his career he had less than 25 total yards in a game.

Baltimore 35, Pittsburgh 7 

Baltimore wore their Away uniform at home for the first time since their 2009 season opener against Kansas City, and absolutely demolished Pittsburgh, hanging a franchise record 35 points (most they have ever scored against PIT) on the Steelers and forcing 7 turnovers. Most importantly, many people know Hines Ward is a crafty dirty player, but yesterday, he finally got his from one Jarrett Johnson, see the video below.

Houston 34, Indianapolis 7

Just like last season, Houston wore their all white uniforms against Indianapolis at home. However, the results were different, as the Colts played their first game without Peyton Manning since 1997, and looked like a bottom 5 NFL team without their fearless leader.

San Diego 24, Minnesota 17

Much like their last season opener played at home in 2008, the Chargers wore their standard White/Navy away combination against Minnesota in the blistering California heat.

Washington 28, New York 14

Mike Shanahan continued his new tradition of the Redskins not wearing white at home under his tenure (Under Joe Gibbs and Jim Zorn, the team wore white at home much more often than red) and the team kept their throwback look of burgundy jerseys paired with gold pants.

San Francisco 33, Seattle 16

In a game that the rest of the country really could care less about, Ted Ginn provided the excitement and became the first 49er to ever return a Kickoff and a Punt for a touchdown in the same game. Both teams wore their regular uniforms, but an interesting note is that Pete Carroll and John Harbaugh faced off for the first time since 2009 when Stanford played USC.

Arizona 28, Carolina 21

Cam Newton set University of Phoenix stadium alight by breaking Otto Graham’s record for passing yards in a rookie debut, tied Matt Stafford’s for most ever, and was the first QB to wear number 1 and start a game since Randall Cunnigham played for the Ravens in 2001. However it was not enough as the Cards prevailed.

Jets 27, Cowboys 24

Easily the most emotional game of the day, The Jets had some great luck and were able to abuse Tony Romo’s mistakes into a win for New York on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Patriots 38, Dolphins 24

The Dolphins opened the season at home in their green jerseys for the first time in more than ten years. The Patriots wore their standard road white and blues in a duel of Michigan Quarterbacks that ended with Tom Brady having the 5th most passing yards in a game in NFL history (517 yds) Chad Henne throwing for 416 yards, and Brady/Wes Welker combining for 65 pts for my fantasy football team, the Dallas Diamond Cutters

Raiders 23, Broncos 20

Denver’s streak of winning 11 straight home openers was snapped by Oakland last night, making them 2-0 in the Mile High City this decade, and leaving Broncos fans chanting for Tim Tebow by the end of the game.

Offsides: Some Below The Fold News

As I mentioned last week, I said I was attending the Michigan vs. Notre Dame Under The Lights match up at Michigan Stadium, and I have never been through a bigger roller coaster ride in my entire life. From the start of the game when the entire stadium sang God Bless America in memoriam of the September 11 attacks, which sent chills down my and many other people’s spines, to the absolutely horrendous first half that had some people wanting to leave, to an absolutely electric final 1:12 which had me going from absolute joy, to near tears, to wanting to cry tears of joy with that final touchdown. I left that game in absolute shock with how Michigan won it, and I don’t think I will ever go to a more exciting game. I posted this photo of Jeremy “Tiny” Gallon on catching his touchdown to show the THREE Block M’s between his gloves and jersey, as well as showcasing Michigan’s excellent uniforms. For those of you that watched the game, remember it, because you may not see a better college football game in your lifetime.

Michigan State’s New Pro Combat Uniforms make them look like Notre Dame and USF had an ugly baby #HALOL

The Michigan State Spartans unveiled their Nike Pro Combat Uniforms that will be worn against Michigan for their clash for the Paul Bunyan Trophy in East Lansing on October 15. Even without my full Michigan bias in play, these uniforms don’t really look like Michigan State. The bronze (which they say resembles their Spartan roots) gives them a resemblance to USF and Notre Dame. The team is also wearing black pants which gives them a weird Mid 90’s Ravens/Northwestern look. At least I can take comfort in knowing the Spartans will already look ridiculous when my Wolverines beat them in just over a month.


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