Twelve Fitteds you don’t own, but definitely should

Yes, the title says Jay’s Jersey Blog, but before my love of jerseys, was a love of the true original fitted, the New Era 5950 Fitted Baseball Cap. I bought my first 5950 in the summer of 2004, a Boston Red Sox Authentic Home Cap, which has since had the living hell beaten out of it , but I still remember it as my FIRST hat. Today, I’m going to list of twelve fitted hats you may not have, but need to buy, they are all accompanied by an example from my vast collection of fitted hats.

State-Themed – EFMC – New Era 5950 2010 ‘Stately’ Detroit Tigers

The 5950 ‘Stately’ was released by New Era in late summer 2010 to an incredibly warm reception, and great sales numbers. My favorite is that my home state of Michigan has such an awesome design that it makes for the perfect ‘Stately’. The official MLB Stately has now been discontinued, but if you scour Lids or Hatland online, you can find college teams that have similar designs for every state, and New Era often releases variations if a design is liked enough.

College You Will Never Watch – EFMC – New Era 5950 2008 College AC – USF Bulls

Ah yes, the college team to which you pay no attention. After seeing Matt Grothe’s performances in 2007 for USF, I decided to pick up this cap in 2008 as it had a cool logo and color scheme, and USF were culturally relavent at the time, hats like this, or from other smaller schools (UCF, NC State, Eastern Carolina, etc) usually have pretty cool designs and will get you props from people who recognize the logo.

Minor League Baseball Team

Everyone should own a minor league baseball cap, it represents a simpler way of baseball that harkens back to America’s past time, without the glitz and glam that the MLB provides. And also, with three levels of minor league ball, the team names get more and more ridiculous, as do the cap designs, so go nuts in finding one that you like best. This hat pictured above is of the A-class Western Michigan Whitecaps, and yes that is an anthropomorphic wave eating a baseball…

World Series Patch-ed – EFMC – 2007 Colorado Rockies AC Home Cap

Sometimes, your favorite team makes it to the World Series, sometimes they don’t, but regardless, its fun to get a cap with a World Series patch, even if its not your team. Since I am an idiot, I neglected to buy a Tigers cap in 2006 when they DID make the World Series (and cannot find a patch for my regular Tigers lid) so in January 2010, I found this at and pounced (I had no idea when another team I liked would make the Fall classic.) I am a Rockies fan thanks to little league, and the logo isn’t bad nor good, but cool to have, as it differentiates the hat from other, normal Rockies AC hats. Note: If you want a Texas Rangers hat, still has patches from last year’s WS on them for normal price.

Respected By All – 2009 Black and White LA Dodgers Throwback Fashion – Brooklyn

Let’s get one thing straight, I do not like the LA Dodgers, they are my least favorite team in the NL west. But New Era released these caps in Fall 2009 including script city names such as Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles and Baltimore. When I saw they had Brooklyn in stock I had to pounce, and nicely enough this cap goes with anything I wear. Whoever sees it always comments that its cool because of the throwback name and that its in script.

Recognized By All – 2007 Adidas Fitted Boston Celtics Fashion Hat

When I bought this at Christmas of 2007, it was just cause I thought it was cool, but it now is a staple on the rare occasions I wear green or on St. Patrick’s day. Even people who are not Celtics fans have told me they think its a cool hat. To get a hat similar to this, there are many old school NBA team designs on NBA store.

Patriotic – 2011 Philadelphia Phillies Stars and Stripes AC

This is actually my most recent acquisition, I bought this at Citizens Bank Ballpark while I was at the Phillies-Pirates game this past sunday. Some of you may ask, why buy this hat? its a total gimmick and doesn’t even look that cool? My response is two parts: A. There is no better team to get in Stars and Stripes than the Phillies, as many of the defining moments of our nation occured in Philadelphia during the revolutionary war. and B. In 2010, MLB donated a percentage of proceeds from these specific hats sold to the Wounded Warrior project, who raise awareness and aid for severely injured soldiers returning from service. And C. why NOT be proud of your country?

Pinstriped – 2011 Mitchell and Ness Chicago Bulls 1995 Throwback

Ah nostalgia, the Bulls in 1995 were on fire, MJ, Rodman, Pippen, Kukoc, record-wise these men were a part of the best team in NBA history. This Mitchell and Ness hat honors the team by making this in the design of their famous black pinstriped jerseys which debuted that season, the hat even has an inscription on the inside honoring the team that beat the Sonics in 7 games for first of three straight NBA titles that year. Now one note, hats like this are not found at lids, but more at fashion sites or boutiques. An example being or for my Michigan-area readers, I bought this at Motivation on South University in Ann Arbor.

Customized (NOT PERSONALIZED) – 2009 San Diego Padres Black and White Fashion w/ Embroidery

One quick way to make yourself into a massive tool is to make a hat look like a tattoo, by putting your own name on it in goofy, ridiculous font (its different if its your own team that you play for and your name and number on it) However, when done right, embroidery can make your hat truly yours, my example is my Padres hat. I decided to take advantage of San Diego’s area code and have it done in olde English on the back around the MLB logoman. It worked out as the letters matched up fine for the 180 degree circle and it left me with what you see above.

Baseball Team you don’t watch, but they have an awesome lid – 2009 Kansas City Royals AC Alternate

Let’s be completely honest, the Royals have been irrelevant since George Brett retired in the 1980’s, they are one of the worst teams in professional sports of the last quarter century, and it does not help they are located in the middle of the country. However, they have ONE saving grace, and that is this awesome alternate hat. I only watch KC when they play the Tigers and even that is a rare occurence, but an alternate cap of a bad team you never watch is a solid addition to your collection, especially because no one is accusing me of jumping on the Royals bandwagon.

Team that does not exist anymore – 2009 Fashion Throwback – Montreal Expos

Ah the nostalgia of old teams. The Expos, The (Old) Winnipeg Jets, The Seattle Sonics, they all conjure up memories of past years in sports before the teams were relocated. Why not relive the glory (or not so glorious) years of yesterday by buying a hat that features a team that no longer exists? New Era sells more Expos hats than you would think, and people will definitely see that your up on your sports game by wearing a hat like this.

A Cityscape Hat – EFMC – 2011 Detroit Tigers My Town

Plain and simple, city-scapes look AWESOME, especially when done right on hats. This hat has a 360 degree view of Detroit wrapping all the way around, and includes the Ren Cen, the Fisher Building and all big Detroit skyline landmarks, its an added bonus to buy an internationally recognized city (Seattle’s has the space needle, Chicago’s has Willis Tower, etc.) Of all the hats on this list, show some support for your home town team and city by getting a city-scape hat.

Well here we are, these are 12 fitted styles that you may have previously not looked into, but definitely should consider. Anyone feel like I missed any styles? please leave comments and I’ll be sure to respond. I’m off to the Windy City this weekend for Lollapalooza, so I will attempt to have a new article next week once I’m back and recovered.

Schedule Notes: The Paul Scholes testimonial match between Manchester United and a newly-reformed New York Cosmos takes place at Old Trafford this Friday, August 5 at 2:30 ET (on FSC) and the FA Community Shield is this Sunday, August 7, between Manchester United and Manchester City, which means one thing – EPL RETURNS IN ONE WEEK! I’ll be sure to have my kit picks of the best and worst for the year soon. Til’ next time – J


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