UniFAIL – The World of Weird in Sports Jerseys

The wide world of sports has its fair share of follies, sometimes uniforms get lost, sometimes the manufacturer creates a few typos, and sometimes uniforms just plain disappear. This is quick roundup 0f some of the funny, notable UniFail’s of recent history

Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech, Fall 2007 – Virginia Tech Uniforms go missing, team is forced to wear repurposed Georga Tech Uniforms

Somehow, the Virginia Tech equpiment management team lost the team’s away uniforms en route to Atlanta from Blackbsburg on that Thursday November night. The simple solution – Georgia Tech was forced to wear their dark uniforms at home (an incredibly rare occasion) they had to give old home uniforms to Virginia Tech who after some time with sharpie markers, were able to field a very interestingly dressed team. The most interesting part? the fact that instead of all capitals, the team went with Caps-Lowercase on all the names – exemplified by Sean Glennon.

The worst part of it for Georgia Tech? They were drubbed 27-3 on their own field against a team wearing THEIR uniforms. Ouch.

Valentine’s Day 1990 – Michael Jordan gets his jersey stolen, forced to wear #12 for only time in career

This story is definitely odd, somehow, a fan managed to steal MJ’s jersey between when the team left Chicago and arrived in Orlando. The team did not realize this until game time, leading MJ to wear a nameless, #12 jersey. This was the first (and last time) that MJ would wear 12 and go name less on his iconic Bulls jersey. Definitely one of the weirder stories in uni lore.

Washington Nationals – Too many times to count

Majestic really seems to have some issues with the Nationals. No one know where it comes from, but since 2005, the team has had multiple misspellings on their uniforms courtesy of the “geniuses” at Majestic. The most famous of which is this NATINALS misspelling (it happened twice during the 2008 season, once to Adam Dunn and once to Ryan Zimmerman.) Unlike the first two, this could have been easily avoidable by the people at Majestic, but for us, it lead to some comedy.

NBA switches Ball design – much to chagrin of the players

This one isn’t exactly uni-related, but was so unviersally hated that it deserves the notice. For the 2006-07 season, the league ditched the genuine leather ball in favor of a microfiber composite one. The players were complaining that the ball was slipping out of their hands and retaining sweat, so the league switched back to the traditional leather ball by December 2006. and this was relegated to the NBA Hall of Shame


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