Top Ten College Football Alternate Uniforms

It may only be July, but camps start up and colleges around the nation at the end of the month, even more exciting, this week marks the newest release of EA Sports’ excellent College Football video game, NCAA Football 12. To honor this great time for video game and college football fans alike, I bring you the best alternate uniforms that college football teams have worn. This is unique because as most college football fans know, the sport is about TRADITION, meaning that uniforms are almost NEVER changed, so when a team does bring out an alternate look, its a pretty big deal.

Washington Huskies 2010 All Black

The Huskies released this black alternate uniform with their redesigned uniform set in 2010. It follows the sometimes good/sometimes bad ‘Black for Black’s Sake’ Trend which has appeared in alternate uniforms in many spots. I like this because it combines the classic color combination of black and gold while keeping Washington’s first color purple in the spotlight. This was worn on a few occasions during the 2010 season, including the Huskies’ 19-7 Holiday Bowl upset win over Nebraska.

Texas Christian Black Jerseys

Texas Christian already sports one of my favorite college color scheme’s with their regular uniforms but its a special treat when they break out the alternate look, new helmet, jersey and pants for a complete flip flop. I think the Black jerseys and purple pants provide a little more menace to the uniform than the standard attire, and as avid readers know, Black and Purple is one of my favorite uniform color combos.

Florida State All Black

When Florida State unleashed these for the first time in 2006, I was overjoyed as well as mystified, as this was just a case of BFBS. I do think the ‘Unconquered’ running down the pant legs is a pretty cool touch, and the overall look goes well with Florida State’s gold helmets and trim, I just wish they had done the numbers in gold with a seminole red outline, because it is kind of difficult to read them from a distance, but still, bravo to Nike for these great alternates.

Alabama 2006 ‘Houndstooth’ Jerseys

Alabama wore these variations of their home jerseys in 2006 against Ole Miss to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Bear Bryant’s 315th win. Nike designers wanted to honor the legendary coach by utilizing his signature Houndstooth hat as jersey trim, creating this beautiful homage to one of the all time greats.

North Carolina Navy Blue

I love Sky Blue, whether it be North Carolina, Manchester City, or even smurfette, something about the color gets me. I’ll also be the first to admit it looks ridiculous on the gridiron. It is always a treat when UNC busts out their alternate navy blue tops, because with the sky blue as an accent, the overall look is much better and they actually look like a football team, instead of a lighter shade of the blue man group.

2011 Arizona State Blackout

I have yet to see these on field, as ASU just revealed them for the upcoming season, but from these renderings it seems Nike did one hell of a job giving ASU a proper BFBS alternate uniform. The devil trident on the helmet looks good and the yellow really pops, I’m excited to see ASU bring these out.

2007-08 Georgia Black

These Georgia uniforms looked simply INCREDIBLE, and it was surprising it took all the way until 2007 for them to make their triumphant debut. The black and grey with red accents is about as perfect as a BFBS uniform can get, however, after being thoroughly beaten by Alabama in Athens during the 2008 blackout game, the jerseys were unceremoniously retired. Its been three years, I think its high time coach Mark Richt has the ‘Dawgs come back in black.

Oregon State Orange Alternates

Oregon State wear’s these so often they are more like a second home jersey than an alternate, but I think they look great, especially with the black helmet and black pants, it also made Jacquizz Rodgers (above) look that much more electrifying as he dazzled defenses and fans with his explosiveness.

Army Golden Knights Camouflage

I mean, does this need any explanation?

2007 LSU Katrina Relief Uniforms

Simple, its totally opposite from what we see LSU play in every Saturday. The white helmets I think should be used for special occasions, and its rare to see the purple jerseys, which were given those added yellow and white flags on the chest for this game specifically. I am not saying LSU needs to stop being the Cowboys of college football (white at home) but seeing purple and white is a nice touch.


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