FINALLY! Non-Lockout related NFL News – Bills reveal new uniforms for 2011

The Buffalo Bills recently released new uniforms, something that fans have been waiting for since their last redesign nine years ago. Many Bills fans were upset in 2002 when the team went modern and scrapped the Jim Kelly-era uniforms. I personally thought those Kelly era unis looked good at home and on the road. The team switched to a more modern, monochrome look in 2002 when Reebok took over the NFL equipment and uniform operations, which many fans scoffed at, and even casual fans found the uniforms fairly atrocious. Finally, the Bills released their new uniforms and wow do they look good.

After doing some research, uniforms similar to this were last worn during the Joe Ferguson era (The quarterback who played there 1973-1984, prior to Jim Kelly.) The team is returning to white helmets for the first time since 1984, when they were changed to red to lower the color blind Ferguson’s interception rate. However, this return to the past comes with a few modernizations.

The team will now include a team logo above the nameplate, something the Cardinals and Vikings both do (and their uniforms look garish at times) which I give two thumbs down.

However the return to royal blue and white helmets I completely approve of. I also think the return to gray for the facemasks is a good touch to add that classic vibe.

But those shoulder stripes almost look cheap and painted on with how reflective they are

Overall, I think this is definitely a change for the BETTER in Northwestern New York, (I’ll give them a 7/10) but the question is if or how Nike may change this new Reebok design in 2012 when they take over the uniform contract. – J


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