My Favorite Kit: Liverpool 2006-08

We head to Merseyside for today’s entry in the My Favorite Kit series, its Liverpool’s stunning 2006-08 kit.

This kit is notable for a variety of reasons

  • First Liverpool Adidas kit since 1995
  • The first true EPL kit I ever purchased (With Gerrard on the back) (see photo below, taken in 2007, you can see the nape of the Adidas and Carlsberg)

  • Worn during Liverpool’s return to the Champions League Final in a rematch with AC Milan (which they ended up losing)
  • Most recent Liverpool home shirt to feature a collar

First, let’s discuss the shirt.  The completed Adidas stripes are something that will always stick with me (because now they are all fragmented) The collar was an excellent touch to add that retro feel. The white piping was good, and not too invasive. Finally, the classic simplicity of one of the best shirt sponsors in the EPL, Carlsberg. This shirt is what other Liverpool shirts should base their designs off of.

This team also had a number of notable personalities

This Liverpool team was filled with a variety of colorful characters to start the season. Young captain Steven Gerrard was in the prime of his career. The team just signed Dutch workhorse and future Kop favorite Dirk Kuyt from Feyenrood. Defensive mainstays included Sami Hyypia and the midfield maestro, Xabi Alonso. Up front you had the towering Peter Crouch coming in off the bench, and one suprising new signing. One Craig Douglas Bellamy, signed from Blackburn. Bellamy had quite the rap sheet with Liverpool – adding to his mile long list of bad behavior off the pitch.

  • In November, he was accused of assaulting a woman in a Cardiff Bar
  • In February, he attacked fellow teammate John Arne Riise with a putter while the team was training in Portugal (earning him the nickname “The Nutter with the Putter” and costing both of them two weeks wages)

Finally, the team finished out the motley crue with the addition of Javier ‘Monster Masch’erano from West Ham in the winter transfer window. The young Argentinian quickly partnered with Xabi Alosno in the center of the midfield and the two became the pair of deep lying playmakers the team needed to push for Champions League Glory.

This kit was worn when Peter Crouch scored arugably the most exciting goal of his career

Speaking of Champions League, the team came so close to reaching the great heights of the 2005 season by reaching the final again, but were bested by AC Milan.

This shirt carried over into the 2007-08 season, The year which Fernando Torres joined the club and scored 33 goals in all competitions during his debut season

The club also signed fellow striker and WWE Superstar Triple H – WHOOPS, I meant Ukranian Andriy Voronin

The resemblance is uncanny, no?

In total, this is one of my favorite kits for a variety of reasons. It serves a sentimental purpose as being the first kit I purchased with an official name and number. The design is classic, and it was worn by a very enigmatic group of players (personality-wise it was the most exciting Liverpool squad since the Spice Boys of the mid-1990’s.) Finally, the team almost reached great heights during the 2006-07 season.

I am going to try my best to have another article up by this weekend as I head up North for the week of 4th of July and will be away from the computer. Stay tuned for more and get excited as the new start to the world soccer season (July 1) is Friday! – J


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  1. I’m a Torino fan and I quote every single hit of the post. Purchased a 2006 Community Shield kit with Gerrard & 8 on the back, it really has to be one of the best kits ever, certainly my fav plus it fits fantastic as well, thumbs up from Turin!!

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