Under The Lights Uniforms Unveiled to warm reception

First, watch this

The most recent buzz here in Ann Arbor has been about the new jerseys unveiled for the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game under the Lights at The Big House (For those who are not Michigan aficionados, this is the first night game in the history of Michigan Stadium.) From what I have heard from Michigan fans, the general consensus is that the jerseys look good, at least for a one night only type deal, and I also have included Notre Dame’s jerseys below.


Now lets go through some pros and cons


  • They did keep numbers on the front of the jersey, something the original design did not have (it just had the Block M)
  • The old school Adidas trefoil is a nice touch (I just wish it didn’t say Adidas underneath it)
  • The shoulder stripes turned out better than I thought they would (thankfully they do not go below the shoulder
  • The Helmet numbers look good


  • Helmet numbers are great for old school feel, but seem to detract from the rest of the helmet
  • I wish they had done something retro with the socks (perhaps a blue and yellow stripe – it might not be from Michigan folklore but it would add a retro feel to the uni below the belt)

Notre Dame


  • The two green stripes on the socks are a nice touch
  • I love the clover on the helmet
  • Only two stripes on shoulders instead of traditional Adidas three stripe logo creep


  • Adidas gave both teams shoulder stripes – really?
  • They should outline the numbers in gold to complete the look

Overall I like both uniforms and I think this should be an incredible game, I would like a game as exciting as the 2009 matchup, but I’ll take something like 2006 or 2007 (38-0) as well.

I’ll be unleashing a fury of new articles over the next two weeks before I head up north for a week during the 4th of July, stay tuned for all new content soon, and also, please show your support as my loyal readers as I run for the University of Michigan’s EA College Marketing Rep (just click attend to show support for your favorite jersey blog author) – J

On a side note, the WWE fan in me has to share this, just like the Packers did with the Super Bowl, The Mavs have their WWE Championship Belts when they beat the Heat for the title earlier this week (but check out the modification)


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