Mid-May Kit Roundup – Barca Bombs, Bayern Goes for the Gold, Bolton Goes Geometric

As many soccer fans probably know, new kits are abound from many teams, so here is a continuation from my last update.

Barcelona Home and Away Kit

The day of reckoning has finally come for Barcelona, they finally added a kit sponsor to their shirts, and the shame is that it looks TERRIBLE, it looks like a font stolen from Windows 95 and looks very slapdash. For the Home kit, Nike’s new stripe pattern looks fairly horrendous, and almost resembles piano keys. In addition, rather than just keep Unicef without showing sponsorship, Barca went the unclassy route of putting a rear sponsor, which as much as I support UNICEF and its cause, should not be on the kit, it makes the best club in the world seem like some mid table La Liga side. Overall, I would say in protest, the home kit looks AWFUL by Barcelona standards, however the away, solely because it is black and simple, will be a big hit with supporters, if only it had the UNICEF logo. Overall Rating: 7/10

Bayer Leverkusen Away Kit

The Power of Beige is being embraced by Bayer Leverkusen for 2011, in my opinion, as much of a snooze-fest as this looks like, it feels like an improvement to me over the most recent change shirt. The interesting aspect is that the beige panelling runs like an n around the shirt. I am interested to see this on the field, but I have to say, it does bear a resemblence to Leverkusen’s rivals in Munich change shirt. Overall rating: 7.1/10

Bayern Munich Home

Speaking of Bayern Munich, this is their new home kit for 2011 (They announced they will be keeping their same away kit for the 2011/12 campaign.) I personally enjoy the addition of Gold (Bayern claims it celebrates 50 years of partnership with Adidas, which is all they have to celebrate this season.) I think it looks much simpler than the Anniversary kit of the past season and for Bayern that is a good thing. It is also aided by the simpicity of the T-Mobile sponsorship logo. An excellent kit for the German Giants. Rating: 8.5/10

Bolton Home Kit

is this? to me it resembles a geometric problem and it should belong in the 1990s. Sadly, Reebok has managed to grace us with more crap for Bolton. Rating: 2/10

Borussia Dortmund Home and Away and Third Kits

First, Dortmund wins the Bundesliga, then Kappa reveals their excellent new kit lineup. The Home (Yellow with dots) looks great, even with the sponsor breaking up the dots, and it is cool how they become more concentrated further up the shirt. The Away is my personal favorite, the yellow fading into black looks EXCELLENT, and is even cooler with the shorts, but looks great as a shirt by itself. The third kit is plaint, but looks incredibly classy. Great Work Kappa, great work. Rating 9/10

Hamburger SV Home Kit

Hamburg are lucky enough to have Fly Emirates (one of the classiest looking sponsors) to adorn their shirts, because if they didn’t, this could be mistaken for a Netherlands kit, which does not take anything away from it. However, since HSV’s official colors are blue and black, I wish they would tone down the overbearing amounts of red on the home, but one fun note – look at the sleeves, that is practically a dutch flag. Regardless, a simple and decent looking kit for HSV. Rating 7/10

Manchester United Home Kit

This has not been officially unveiled, but this is a screen rip from United’s website, so its all but confirmed to be the next home shirt for the new EPL champions. I think this is a large step up from the current season as it does away with the dodgy collar and unnecessary white trim adorning the shoulders. One rumor is that the red sleeve cuffs may fold up to reveal a design similar to the collar, much like the new France shirts allow for. If this is true, I think its a cool feature for fans, but it would look odd on the field if six men cuff the sleeves and four did not. A step in the right direction for United and another solid home shirt for the Red Devils. Rating: 9/10

Olympique Marseille Home and Away Kit

Well Adidas continues to show their creative side with Marseille’s kits this season, however this year they did not listen to Bob Marley records and eat the brownies prior to designing these kits. The home is simple and has some veyr nice light blue shading effects, the addition of a collar is an always classy touch also. The away is pulling a design cue from the 90’s, the background of the shirt are a collage of important people and places in OM’s history, Manchester United had a few similar designs in the 1990’s under Umbro. However, The light blue and gold make for a unique and cool color combo. Rating 8/10

Olympique Lyon Home Kit

Lyon enters their second year with Adidas and continue to reap the benefits of this new partnership. The most noteworthy feature of Lyon’s new home kit is the watermark Lions in the red and blue detail. Part of Lyon’s crest, this is a cool, subtle addition to a classy home kit, however, I do have one question regarding logo creep of another French symbol. Regardless, a solid kit for a consistent Ligue 1 side Rating 7.5/10

Rangers Home

As a Celtic supporter, it pains me to do this, but I am forced to. Rangers are sporting new Umbro kits with second year sponsors Tennent’s and they actually look quite good. The white trim is used properly in the collar and shoulders and the rest is royal blue. A very simple kit, but looks very classy for one half of the old firm. Rating: 8/10

P.S: FYI, Celtic is wearing the same kits as this season for 2011/12


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