New Kit Report Card: 4 A’s, 1 E, 1 N

Well since my last new kits post in Mid-April teams have been releasing new kits about as often as Lil Wayne releases mix tapes. Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen in the past few weeks.

Photos courtesy of FootballShirtCulture

AC Milan

Well this was a radical departure from this season. I am not saying that kit was a world beater, but it did look classy, gold was a nice touch, and it had just the right amount of stripes. This on the other hand looks incredibly busy with the large number of stripes and the white takes me aback a bit. It seems like a very good kit if it were 1987, but for 2011? not so much. One note is this is the first time the Adidas stripes have been white and not black on an AC Milan home kit. Overall, this is something very off-putting, why dress the soon to be Serie A Champions worse than they already are? I would have expected better for one of the biggest clubs in the world, but luckily I am not an AC supporter (I’ll stick to the blue side of Milan.) Rating: 6/10


One kit related aspect that has fascinated me about Ajax the past few years is the variety of away kits they have had. Unlike some teams (Arsenal and United) who just alternate between two colors for change kits (yellow/blue, black/white, respectively) Ajax likes to be more unpredictable in their kits. In 2009-10 they had an excellent storm/red shirt, 2010/11 was the very Michigan-esque kit, and now comes sky blue and black. These are two colors that I think go together very well and are an excellent change kit for Ajax’s iconic home look. I also think the white detailing on the color and sleeves adds a nice retro touch to the kit as a whole. Rating 8/10


In case you could not tell, Arsenal is celebrating their 125th anniversary during the 2011-12 season, and the club has decided to commemorate it with these excellent new home kits. A further improvement on this season’s kits they have been modified with the clubs brand new crest to celebrate the anniversary (pictured below)

I think the “Forward” adds a very nice touch, and taking the red cuffs off the sleeves only makes them look better. Overall, I think these are Arsenal’s best kits under Nike yet. Rating 9.75/10

Aston Villa

A slight departure from this season’s Villa kits. The checkerboard has moved from the side panels all the way to the main part of the shirt, and the blue has made its way to the top of the shoulders instead of just the sides. Overall I think it is a good look, but it resembles the 2008/09 kit just a bit too much and a bit too soon, but adding the checkerboard is a good touch. Rating 7/10


Everton is a club that I have respect for. A good team who usually sits in the top of the table and plays a good, English style football under manager David Moyes. This kit is a historical reference to Everton’s past, but compared to last year’s hot pink, it leaves something to be desired. I am never usually a fan of yellow soccer kits unless it is the goalie wearing them (or Borussia Dortmund) and this amber-colored kit is not an exception to that rule. I give this poor marks and hope that the home can make up for it. Rating 3/10


Under Adidas, Newcastle was a well-dressed side, however when Puma took over last year, they released this eyesore to the Toon Army, leaving many people unhappy. For 2011 I was hoping to see NUFC get some better home kits, and Puma delivered. These kits are much simpler, and have a retro vibe to them. Also, the gold puma logoes are a very nice touch. I won’t say this is one of the best kits in EPL for the coming season, but it definitely is a huge improvement of last year for Newcastle. Rating 7.5/10
Like I said, teams are releasing new kits all throughout the month of May, so be sure to check JJB for all the new kit buzz, until next time – J


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