Top Ten Throwback Jerseys

I promised you all something big now that summer is here, and here it is. The be all, end all, the Top Ten Throwbacks of ALL TIME (in no specific order)

San Diego Chargers Powder Blues (2002-2006)

It was in 2002 that Reebok and the San Diego Chargers showed that two minds are better than one. They elected to bring back the 1960’s Air Coryell, Lance Alworth era Chargers jersey’s from the AFL, the fans responded with open arms and made LaDanian’s Tomlinson’s powder blue jersey the fifth best seller in the NFL for the 2003 season. These are excellent throwbacks because they pay proper homage to the originals, including the helmet numbers. However, when the Chargers redesigned their entire uni set in 2007, it hit the fan,as they modernized this classic, taking it from a throwback and turning it into an alternate. For that reason, only the five seasons this jersey was worn appear on the countdown

Detroit Red Wings 2009 Winter Classic (1926 Throwback)

When I learned the Red Wings would be playing in the Second Winter Classic in 2008, I was pretty excited, however, when these uniforms got released, that sent me to a whole new level. The Wings have pretty much kept the same, timeless design for most of their history, so seeing them create this throwback was an excellent surprise. The old style D, barber pole socks, and the intergration of the winged wheel on the shoulders made for one sweet, one-off design, I just wish that like the Blackhawks, they could use this uniform as a third jersey.

New England Patriots Boston Patriots (2009)

There was a lot of talk when the NFL announced they would be celebrating the AFL’s 50th anniversary during the 2009 season, some of the teams came out with excellent jerseys honoring the originals, like the Pats, and others, fell completely flat. However, this New England, Boston Patriots throwback was done RIGHT, it was a perfect homage to the original and nicely enough was brought back this year in the Patriots Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit

LA Lakers Throwbacks (2007-Present)

You know, I’m not a huge NBA guy, and I certainly like the Celtics much more than the Lakers, however, no one can deny how good looking the Lakers’ current throwbacks are. They look spot on, and players even break out the short shorts and high socks to complete the look (Odom is doing so above.) This is how teams should do throwbacks, don’t make an homage to the past, COPY the past, look for look, and go from there. If more teams can pull off throwbacks as well as the Lakers can, the NBA will keep rising in my uniform book.

Tennesse Titans “Houston Oilers” (2009)

The Oilers moved to Tennessee and changed their name to the Titans before I started watching the NFL on a regular basis, so I never got to see the old uniform set except from a historical perspective. For me, the Oilers signify a true old school team, the simple logo, Former Coach Bum Phillips and his Ten-Gallon Hat and the force of nature that was Earl Campbell. Not only did these unis look great from day one, but the fact another great running back had one of the best seasons of the Modern Era, Chris Johnson and his 2,006 yard campaign, during 4 games he wore this excellent jersey. All together, the fact the Titans honored the original Oilers makes this uniform great.

Orlando Magic Pinstripes (2007-Present)

These are a reminder of the Magic’s first years in Orlando, when a much thinner Shaq and Penny Hardaway held down the court and the team saw a good amount of success as an expansion team. One feature I really enjoy is that the A is Magic is replaced by a star, as is the dot on the I, and the pinstripes complete the look well for something 90’s, but still has a place in uni-lore today.

Chicago Bulls Jordan Throwbacks (2004)

The Bulls were trying to wash off a seemingly eternal stench of “suck” for the first part of the 2000’s. Jordan was long gone, and through bad personnel decisions, the Team were sitting ducks. During 2004, ownership had the idea to breakout some Jordan-era throwbacks to try and inspire the team to success and I for one APPROVED. The script Chicago had a decidedly old school feel and brought back the days when Jordan would light up the entire arena. Rumor has it there is a coalition of Bulls fans in Chicago trying to get this made into the official road jersey, and I support their cause, this would really add some flair to the new look, Derrick Rose-led Bulls.

Edmonton Oilers Home Jersey (2009-Present)

These jerseys are not an alternate, but a permanent home fauxback. The Oilers switched from their fairly boring unis of the 2000’s to these Gretzky era uniforms to honor the Great One and the Stanley Cup winning Oiler teams of the 80’s. I think more teams should make moves like this to ditch their “modern” uniforms for something more historical. This also has worked out great for fans as it has been received so well by the Edmonton fan base.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Creamsicles (2010)

The uniforms everyone loves to hate. These signified the early-era Bucs and their famous 26 game losing streak in the late 1970’s. However, I think that Reebok executed these perfectly. No modernization, no changes, everything the same as when Doug Williams and Lee Roy Selmon wore them during the Buccos early years. Now if only the could have gotten the monogrammed throwback towels to match.

Detroit Tigers Negro League Throwbacks

Ah yes, a rarity, but a great one. The Tigers break these out in Negro League throwback games a few times a season and boy oh boy do they look great. The pinstriping adds an excellent effect, and the large navy blue stripe running down the middle is just as cool. I do not know much about the history of these uniforms, but I always enjoy seeing the Tigers break them out.
Well there you go, my throwback top 10, school’s now over, so I’m going to do my best to keep the blog updated at least once (hopefully twice) per week for the entire summer, keep looking to JJB for your full uni fix – J


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