Liverpool News and Stoking Out

Two big pieces of news from the wire today, Liverpool is throwing Adidas out like garbage and Stoke City, after clinching European qualification with their FA Cup Final appearance, are doing their best impression of a certain European powerhouse for their away kits next year.

First, the news I know most of you care about more, it appears that Liverpool, now owned by John W. Henry (owner of the Boston Red Sox and  chairman of Fenway Sports Group) have decided to kick Adidas (after doing such a great job) to the curb at the end of the current kit deal and replace them with Warrior (yes, the lacrosse and hockey Warrior) which is a division of New Balance. My Reaction to this below

Now, Insiders say that this may have something to do with the fact that the Boston Red Sox just signed a deal with New Balance to produce their uniforms, and that JWH is getting a two for one deal here, but no one is quite sure. I think that Warrior should do a fine job, and it is good to see another American company (they will be the third after Under Armour and Nike) making a foray into European Football kits. My concern is how Warrior, whose factory is located in the suburbs of Boston, will respond to international demand for these kits, as Liverpool’s shirt is currently the fourth best selling in the world at 900,000 sold per season (trailing Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid.) I just hope that Warrior does not suffer with that, but I am interested to see what spin they will put on the home shirt.

On a side note: Keep this in mind, when Adidas took over in 2006 (this was their second tour of duty as kit sponsor) Liverpool have won NO SILVERWARE under adidas current reign, the last trophy they won was the 2006 FA Cup, in which they wore Reebok shirts (Coincidentally Reebok’s last game as sponsor for them)

Now onto the second piece of news, another mid table side is getting excellent looking kits for the upcoming season.

Ladies and Germs, I present Stoke City’s 2011 change kits.

As you can see, the Potters are doing their BEST Inter Milan impression now that they know they have a good chance at European qualification (If City finishes Top 4 AND wins the FA Cup, Stoke recievies the Europa League place by making an FA Cup Final appearance.) These are excellent looking kits for Stoke, besides the iffy collar, but I have come to expect that from Adidas, I do not expect Tony Pulis’ Rugby-style side to go far in the Europa League, but I do like to see a new English team reaching continental play. If its easily available I’d definitely consider picking this up before next season as it is a great looking kit.

Alright, I’m off until later next week once finals are over, until then enjoy! And greetings to our visiting Russian Juventus viewers (Thanks to whoever posted our link on the forums) – J


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