Running Through the Rumor Mill – New Teams Rumored Kits

Photos Courtesy of FootballShirtCulture

Well, FSC, a website I check this time of year on a near daily basis to look for new kits, has released what look like teams new designs for the 2011-12 season. Now obviously, Nike will not confirm or deny if these are the team’s actual shirts, but I wanted to give my thoughts on some of these designs if they come to fruition, let’s take a look

Arsenal Away

Now many supporters (and critics) of Arsenal are up in arms about this picture being released, because it resembles what has been voted as one of the ugliest kits of all time for Arsenal, I however, liked that kit, and I think if this one is true, it can look good. Its a change of pace for Arsenal, typically the change kits are yellow every other year and then typically blue in the following year. Now, I do think this could be fake as the team will be celebrating their 125th anniversary, and I would think a more commerative kit (such as this or this) is in order than this radical design, but we will all find out in July. In conclusion: do I like it? Yes, do I think this will be the actual design? No Rating: 7.25/10

Manchester United Away

Now this one I find interesting because it seems Nike has been on a rotation of colors for United’s away shirts, white, black, white, black and blue, white, black and blue. Now the last time Man U featured this much blue in a change strip was the third kit from 2008-09, which I very much liked. This seems a bit too much like a Celtic type design (the hoops) for such a famous club like United, but it might play out well if this is the kit. Rating: 6.5/10

Juventus Away

Juve, a team that I do not really care for, I don’t hate them, don’t love them, my only connection to them is that Zidane played for them back in the day. However, trust me, if this kit is the real design, I will be ordering it the day it comes out. It is very rare that you see a kit be THIS creative, especially if they keep no sponsorship. Now some may wonder where did the big a$$ star come from, but actually, its a part of Juve’s history kit wise, the last time they had european success, they wore kits with large stars on the shoulders. Maybe they are hoping this kit will provide similar success as they look to reconquer Serie A. Do I think this is real? sure, if not, I hope its at least a training top. Rating: 8/10

Barcelona Away

Now this kit must have me dreaming, because it would be perfect if Barca wore this, however, the UNICEF on the shirt means it is a knock off, because of Barcelona’s deal with the Qatar Foundation, meaning the Unicef logo must be moved to the back of the shirt, under the name (I would rather they drop it than tack up their kits with two sponsors) As real as I want this kit to be, I have too many doubts, but anway, it looks awesome. Rating: 10/10

Well I wanted to give a quick kit blurb before I go under for the next few days, the next day I’ll have new content is Thursday (exam hell between now and then) but if anyone sees any new kit leaks, leave me links in the comments. – J


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