April 14, 2011 – Cue the pyrotechnics, Its our Birthday!

Cue the music, pop the champagne, its been an entire year since I sat down at my computer, signed up for a tumblr account, and started running my mouth about everything and anything sports jerseys (in a highly irreverent and comedic manner). One year, 50-some posts and thousands of views later, I have to thank all of you, the readers. Ever since I switched to WordPress (especially since February) all of you who visit this site daily have kept me running to bring you the best I can with a sense of irreverence and mindless humor. I will be doing some form of reader appreciation in May once school is done, but I wanted to throw up this blurb thanking everyone who has googled us, stumbled upon, or just clicked on from Facebook or Twitter. I never figured that I would be writing something like this, but you the readers have taken this from a niche opinion blog to a fully fledged, weekly blog with viewers from ALL OVER THE WORLD, so in the next year, I promise to keep all of you informed, and laughing while reading the finest opinionated sports jersey blog on the internets. One last time, from me, Jay Sarkar, to you, the Readers, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making JJB what it is today. I’ll be back soon with my biggest top ten yet! Till then – J


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