New Chelsea and Liverpool Kits – Adidas has an interesting sense of humor

Two of the biggest powers in English football unveiled new kits for the 2011-12 season. Chelsea released their home kit for 2011-12, and Liverpool released their away for 2011-12 this week (Liverpool will keep this season’s home shirts for next season also, as they have done a two year cycle for a long time now)

Photos courtesy of SoccerBible and FootballshirtCulture

One word from my Nana D’Agostino can describe this: Stupendo

WHAT A KIT for Liverpool, it takes two good elements from this season’s kits, the pinstripes from the away and the black and shadowed logo from the third shirt. Combine the two, add silver and red, and here is what you get, another great black Liverpool away shirt keeping with the trends of 2007 and 2009. Now one thing that is kept in common with the last season’s black shirt is that the red torches, which memorialize the 96 lives lost during the Heysel and Hillsborough tragedies are still kept in red, signifying the eternal flame. It will be paired with black shorts and black socks, leading to a very menacing look for the Reds as they try to climb their way back up the EPL table. Overall, I give this a 9/10, it looks great, but 10’s are saved for the best of the best, and I need to see this on field, but know that I, and thousands of Liverpool supporters will have their’s preordered for its May 12 release date.

See now its interesting that Adidas released both these in the same week, because Liverpool’s kit looks incredible, whearas this looks like shite. Adidas claims that it is an homage to the Chelsea kits of the 1980’s, but this is way too much retro combined into one, the middle striping looks cool across the chest and torso, but throwing in the white paneling on the stripes looks like garbage, and even more so on the longsleeve. I thought this year’s was bad when they added the red trim (I know its a part of their history, but it just looked wrong) but it seems Adidas is continuning the excellent trend of ruining Chelsea Kits on a year by year basis. Let’s take a quick retrospective, shall we? 2006-08 – Pretty Good, 2008-09 Not Terrible, 2009-10 – PEC PARTY, 2010-11 – THE RED! 2011-12 – Too Much Retro at once. So, Adidas has continued a downward spiral for Chelski, which as an Arsenal supporter, I find hilarious, but hopefully, like this season, there will be an excellent looking away kit to counter a subpar home. Now the question is, will the new home kit bring an end to the best website of all time?

I am excited to see that new kits are coming out as the club season’s come to a close, it means I am already readying my summer shopping list and I am definitely getting Liverpool done up in Suarez by May 12. I’m going on a short break until the end of the month – Its finals time, which means no time to blog, but I have some content ready for next week, I’ll end the month with a HUGE Top 10 of EPIC proportions, until then – J


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  1. Lmao. Liverpool always have great looking kits, I agree. But being a Chelsea supporter I’m not here to argue about their kit. I love the 10/11 and also think this new kit for 11/12 will grow on me even more. I like the fact that they are using blue strips on a white box. It reminds me somewhat of a Spain kit. But as for looking like shite?? Lol.. You Being an Arsenal supporter have you seen what they will be wearing on away trips!? Now from what I can tell and have seen, I hope for your clubs sake they change that design and colors ASAP. Bc that is a kit that looks like “shite” lol. It may very well be the worst kit Nike have ever produced. And Nike always have great looking kits.

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