Premier League Wrap Up – The 4Best and 4Worst Kits of the season (in hindsight)

Well, The English Premier League is beginning to draw to a close, Manchester United has the title all but wrapped up, Arsenal has shat the bed enough times to stay in second and finish trophyless AGAIN, the most entertaining part of the season left is the battle for the final two Champions League Places between City, Chelsea and Spurs, and the battle for the Europa League spots. (I’m cheering on Liverpool to grab it) And Finally, the relegation battle, as a mere 10 pts separate the drop zone from 7th place with under 10 matches to go. But its time to look back, in September, I discussed what were my favorite and least favorite kits for what was then a new EPL season, now that the 2010-11 campaign is coming to a close, here are the best and worst (in no particular order)


Newcastle Home

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, Newcastle was screwed by switching from Adidas to Puma. At least at the start of the season, I could say the fact they had Andy Carroll was on the team, oh wait, owner Mike Ashley took a moment away from his feeding tube of sausages and Newcastle Brown Ale to sell him for 35 million pounds, letting Alan Shearer 2.0 head to Liverpool. This kit is just awful, no accent color, the striping does not continue on the back, too many Puma logos, I certainly hope that whatever NUFC gets for 2011 is much better, because really its hard to get worse.

Things I Would Rather Do Than Wear This Kit: Be chased by Ndamukong Suh and Jared Allen for a considerable distance.

Fulham Away

Once upon a magical time, in fact it was prior to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Fulham had a fairly decent change kit. This is the one place during 2010-11 that Kappa (Fulham’s manufacturer) went horribly wrong, adding a separate panel FOR THE SPONSOR? that was the first problem. Issue two, adding the grey was a terrible decision. Gray can look good when used properly, but here it makes for a terrible accent color. Fulham’s home and third are good in my book, but this away should be burned.

Things I would rather do than wear this kit: Be on the recieving end of this

Wigan Home

Somehow, I missed this atrocity when I was reviewing kits at the start of the season. Oh wait, that’s right, NO ONE CARES ABOUT WIGAN (well, ok, I have one friend who does, but that’s because his initials were in one of their old sponsors.) After seeing this kit a few too many times in FIFA, I decided to add it to the list. There is nothing “good” about it, and it doesn’t help it has possibly the ugliest sponsor in the Premier League. So yeah, Wigan, Kenny Powers says it best

Things I would rather do than wear this kit: Even if my favorite player, Wesley Sneijder played for them, I would rather put on a meat vest in front of a pack of leery dogs and start running.

Chelsea Third

Well its already well known my hatred for Chelsea is almost as high as my hatred for the culture that surrounds Manchester United (those of you who know me will understand that.) But this just makes me laugh, this is the ugliest Chelsea kit since this so Adidas, today, I salute you for giving one of my team’s chief rivals an absolutely laughable third kit, its no wonder they have worn it ONCE at Brum, and it was a loss nonetheless. This kit will probably join United’s 1995 gray kit in the dregs of worst kits of the Premier League era.

Things I would rather do than wear this kit: Take one of these


Arsenal Home

After two years of having to deal with this eyesore I was positively giddy to see these new Arsenal kits and they did not dissapoint. They are a great way to commemorate the fourtieth anniversary of Bertie Mee’s first League/FA Cup Double winning side. It is annoying that this kit will be rememberd for the season in which United tried to give us the title, but we in turn gave it back to them (barring some miracle) and the year Jens Lehmann came out of retirement to sit BEHIND Manuel “I hate playing goalie” Almunia. Regardless, an excellent kit that was worn by Jack Wilshere during his breakout year, Samir Nasri during his best season, and many others. I am excited to see what Nike has planned as the kit for the club’s 125th anniversary season during 2011-12.

Fulham Third

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of this kit when I first saw it. It is green and gold just like the colors of Harrods, yet batsh!t crazy owner Mohamed Al Fayed sold Harrods a few years ago. Regardless, this kit is a great way for Fulham to commemorate ten years of mid-table success and avoiding the drop zone. As the season wore on, I started to like it more and more, so much I had one done up in Dempsey and sent here last month, hopefully next year’s away kit can be half of what this is, and it will be a good season kit-wise for Fulham in 2011-12.

Liverpool Away

I fell in love with this kit from Day 1, a great look for the Reds, it combines all the features a Liverpool away kit should. Red trim, a fairly non-imposing sponsor, no dumb patterns, and worn by good players. Until King Kenny took the reigns, that last one was false, but with new boys Luis Suarez (above) and Andy Carroll, and Red Sawks owner John Henry at the helm, things are looking up for Liverpool, next year’s away is supposed to be gray, but I wouldn’t mind if they hung on to this one for one more year.

Everton Third

Everton waited until September to unveil these beauties, sported here by the Thunder from Down Under, Toffee Tim Cahill. A simple shirt, good color matching, the sponsor looks somewhat natural and the half collar adds a nice touch. Also, the socks look great, overall, this is a great effort by Le Coq Sportif in a year where they gave Everton three solid kit choices.

Well there you go, agree? disagree? think I’m punishing myself too harshly just to not wear these shirts? Let me know your opinions in the comments. Til next time – J



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  1. Our home kit was voted one of the best! Get in, lol!

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