The Final Four: How my picks faired, and picking the Real Deal

For those of you who have not read about how I got to this Final Four, read our last March Madness entry here.

JJB Final Four: UNC, Kansas, Butler,

Well, at least I got the bottom two of the bracket right, and I know that NO ONE had VCU, so I’ll take those, but let’s get on to the real deal, we’ve got a battle of black-jersey teams and underdogs on the right in Butler and VCU, and a battle of the blues of the left in UConn vs. Kentucky. And on a side note, this Final Four is Swoosh Inc.’s dream match up, as they provide uniforms to all four teams and will make buku-bucks with whoever wins by selling all that apparel.

(3) UConn vs. (4) Kentucky

The battle of the bluebloods (and jerseys) will be a highly contested one. Kentucky’s fab four freshman against Kemba Walker’s crew. Above is the jerseys the teams will be playing in, and its pretty straight forward, I am someone who has always found Navy blue to be a more imposing color than royal, so give me UConn to get to the final.

(8) Butler vs. (11) VCU

Being a fan of black as a color for sports teams, this is my dream matchup. However, for the first time in a long time, Butler will be the designated “home team” in tournament play since they are playing lower seeded VCU. It is a nice change to see Butler in their whites, and like I said last article, I think VCU’s Purdue impression doesn’t quite cut it, take the Bulldogs back to the final for the second time in as many years.

(3) UConn vs. (8) Butler

UConn’s white versus Butler’s now customary black (they’ve worn it every single tournament game except against VCU the past two years) Both are by Nike, both look great, really it comes down to color scheme, and for me, Butler’s Black and White takes the cake over Connecticut’s white and blue ensemble. Keep the Brad Stevens hype train rolling and give it to….

Your 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion (as picked by JJB):


Well there you go, in actuality, I’m pulling for Kentucky to beat Uconn to save my bracket, and then Butler to win the whole deal (You’re my boy blue) since they lost in heartbreaking fashion to Duke last season. I’ll be back after the finals on Monday and you might see some limited content in the next few weeks as the end of the semester is coming, but I’ll do my best to keep up my weekly post rate. And one piece of good news, CBS scrapped the terrible Jennifer Hudson cover of One Shining Moment for the Luther Vandross version (Thank God, because last year’s montage was unwatchable.) Go Bulldogs! – J


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