March Madness is HERE, and we’re picking all the way to our Final Four the only way can

It’s that most wonderful time of the year. MARCH MADNESS! College Basketball has taken center stage and will keep hold all the way until March 4th when the new National Champion will be crowned in Houston. Since I didn’t have the time to pick ALL 256 games by uniform, I decided that doing the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 this week and the Final Four next week would be a good way to go about it. So here we go, in traditional JJB style, crowning the best dressed team in College Basketball.


Kentucky over OSU

If OSU were to wear their white home uniforms (which is highly unlikely since they have worn “heather” as they call it, through the first two rounds) then this might be a different argument. But uniforms wise, this is new school vs the undisputed champ. Kentucky as I have mentioned is the greatest team historically in college basketball, and their road uniform is simply incredible, not too complicated, no unnecessary pattern, just a jersey and shorts worn by 4 freshman/year that oozes class. Give me Kentucky into the next round.

UNC over Marquette

This is a dream uniform matchup for nike and for the fans. Its a battle of Powder Blues, which as some of you know from my North Carolina/Manchester City fandom, is one of my favorite colors, so I am salivating at this matchup of Jordan-branded teams. However, this one is fairly easy to pick, since they wear the same colors, it goes down to the accent patterns on the jersey. I HATE the design Marquette has adorning the sleeves, whereas I LOVE the argyle pattern that UNC wears (Love it enough I own a pair of the road shorts.) KO another Big East team and give me UNC


Arizona over Duke

It seems that the Dookies have taken what was their alternate uniform in 2008-09 and made that their official home uniform for this season (as far as I know, if anyone knows that they just brought these out for the tournament, feel free to correct me in the comments.) Now, everyone knows as a Michigan fan, I agree with Jalen Rose and others about Duke. However, at the same time, my friends over at BSPN will tell you I love the idea of the shadowing on basketball jerseys, just not if its about the architecture of the school (REALLY?) On the other side, Arizona have a traditional uniform set, but I have always been a fan of the typeface they use, and they use a solid color scheme, nothing that can drag them to a championship win, but enough to over take plain jane/too much detail Duke. Give me ‘Zona.

UConn over SDSU

In real life, I am cheering for SDSU this tournament, Steve Fisher was a great coach at U of M and I want to see him do well with the Aztecs. However, the money train stops here for SDSU’s magical season, as they run into the Kemba show, and UConn’s excellent uniforms. I like SDSU, but seriously, they dress like a high school, UConn gets the easy win for their traditional, but still interesting uniform set.

Southwest Regional

Kansas over Richmond

The Spiders vs. the Jayhawks. As much as I HATE THAT DUMB ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK saying, I am going to take Kansas over Richmond here, this is because I like Richmond as a midmajor, but their unis leave a little to be desired, and I mean really, they are not even the best dressed team in their own town. Because of this, Kansas keeps going into the Elite 8.

Florida State over VCU

Garnet and Old Gold vs. Black and Gold. VCU just beat Purdue who wear the exact same colors, but pull it off MUCH better. Unlike Florida, FSU pulls off a uniform traditonally associated with football well on the basketball court (and I really like their Black alternates, but they won’t be worn.) FSU gets a rare chance as a ten seed being the home team, and it is enough to carry them into the Elite Eight. Roll Seminoles

Southeast Region

Butler over Wisconsin

Growing up as Michigan fan means one pertinent thing, besides the Detroit Red Wings and Arsenal, I despise most other teams that wear red, which means Bo Ryan and co.’s ship is sunk to begin with. Let’s see Butler’s great all black look keep rolling along into the Elite 8 as they try to repeat last year’s heroics. If only their Christ-like hero figure Gordon Hayward had stayed instead of averaging 2.4 points per game and having ONE HIGHLIGHT so far with the Utah Jazz. However, I’ll keep going with Butler

BYU over Florida

It’s a pivotal match-up of arguably the two of the best , and whitest guys in college basketball in Jimmer Fredette, the one man show, against Chandler Parsons, the SEC player of the year (and voted most innocent looking.) There is one name that will forever make me dislike Florida basketball, and that is Joakim Noah, that and the royal blue and orange just looks plain wrong OFF of the football field. So keep the Stormin Mormon train rolling into the elite eight and give me BYU

Elite Eight

UNC over Kentucky

Here is a battle everyone would love to see in the Elite 8. A giant vs giant matchup. Rupp vs. Smith, Powder vs. Royal, you name it and it can happen. This battle of the giants would be yet ANOTHER marketing ploy by Nike in the East region. Kentucky will be the road team as the fourth seed meaning they will stick with their royal jerseys, and UNC will stick with the home uniforms. Really it comes down to detail here, there is something about that argyle that always gets me. Let’s take UNC to the Final Four.

UConn over Arizona

The all Nike train keeps on going with this matchup. Two very traditonal teams in a basketball historian’s dream matchup. Here, UConn’s home overrule Arziona’s road, taking UConn to the promised land.

Kansas over FSU

Again, I hate Kansas, but I can’t hate the way that they dress, I’ll take them easily over FSU, baring the impossible thought that Florida State wears their black alternates, if that is the case, I take Florida State, but since that chance is slim to none, give me Kansas.

Butler over BYU

Butler, the reigning 2nd place team, vs the Jimmer show. This matchup is easy on the eyes, BYU’s white and blue vs. Butler’s all black uniforms. However, I am going to take Butler here, because Black overrules Navy Blue, and who can resist picking a team with a mascot like that

Final Four

East: UNC

Southwest: Kansas

West: UConn

Southeast: Butler

Well there you have it, the Final Four, I will be back next week with a full analysis of my Final Four in addition to the REAL Final Four, til then, enjoy the madness –  J


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