Tottenham Hotspur to wear new “Computerized” Shirts for 2012-13 season

RoboCrouch will be more robotic than ever during the 2012-13 campaign

From CaughtOffside

Tottenham Hotspur have announced they will be wearing specially designed shirts from new kit sponsors Under Armour when they take over in 2012. Each kit will have a computer (that’s right, a COMPUTER) that will measure player fatigue to alert old ‘Arry Redknapp when he needs to bring on a substitution. (This all according to the Sunday Telegraph, London.) Under Armour states that each computer will measure a player’s heart rate, core body teamperature, breathing rate, and acceleration, all being relayed to the coaching staff on the sideline. Under Armour’s Mark Dowley says there are also plans to share these results with fans and broadcasters, allowing them to see a player’s heart rate after scoring a goal. Dowley says “You can watch his heart rate as he waits to take the kick. For the first time you can see inside an athlete as they perform. It adds to the drama.”

From a kit perspective, I find this incredibly intriguing. From a fan perspective, I find this as a near FIFA-ization of real life soccer, having all this info to know when to make a substitute is just like having the fatigue bar in the FIFA soccer simulation video games. I think this can be something cool, but it has to be done right, if not, then this should stay as only a trial. My big question is how will these computers affect the shirt? Anyone remember earlier in the year when Fulham’s kits were retaining too much sweat and got heavy? (see pic below from SkySports As It Happened) The only European club I know that uses Under Armour is Hannover 96 (Conveniently Captained by American Steve Cherundolo.) I think its great they are joining the Premier League, its just I find this calculated risk to be daring and ambitious, and could be negatively received if the system does not work as expected.


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  1. Robbie Cassells

    I hope the strikers jerseys will be slightly electrified so’s they can get a jolt when they’re asleep on the pitch, would have been handy this season…..

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