MLS Season Preview: New Kits for ALL, so we give you the Top 5

The MLS is a very well run league. All teams are owned by the league instead of individual owner, the salary cap is respected, as is the designated player rule. The league also has one kit sponsorship, and that is from German giants Adidas (the irony is palpable, is it not?) And that also means that the ENTIRE LEAGUE gets new kits for this season. And since I do not have the next week to write this article, I present to you the top 6 new kits from the MLS for this season.

Portland Timbers

The Timbers are a new franchise that will begin play during the 2011 season. Drawing on Portland and the state of Oregon’s rich logging history is how the name was created, and they were given excellent kits for their first incarnation in MLS (this is the fourth soccer team in Portland to play under the Timbers namesake.) For the Home, green was an obvious color choice, but the yellow and white accents look beyond excellent, and I am a person who DOES NOT like green and yellow together outside of Green Bay. The away kit uses the same split template but changes the colors to red, reminding me of Arsenal, but still looking like a great change kit, both split designs are reminiscent of a much more famous club. Score 8/10

Seattle Sounders

The most notable change this season for Sounders FC is the additon of the TechFit X stripes running down the side of the shirt, reminiscent of a certain World Cup Kit my personal favorite thing about it is that the team has replaced their blue change kits with black, which in my opinion looks great with the neon green. My large problem is that the TechFit strips are so visible, if they were made clear or invisible, these kits would be two of the best in MLS, but for that reason, the Sounders get points deducted, but I still like the kits. Score: 7/10

Vancouver Whitecaps

Much like Portland, Vancouver is an expansion franchise for 2011, whose star player as of now is US defender Jay DeMerit. DeMerit and crew will be looking incredibly sharp in these kits. The Home kit uses one of Adidas best templates from this season with the horizontal striping and the sponsor does not look imposing and almost natural on the kit. The solid blue change kit also looks very classy with the very subtle diamond pattern hiding in the shirt. Overall this is a great first kit for an expansion franchise, one can only hope future redesigns will be just as good. Score: 9/10

FC Dallas

The runners up from last season FC Dallas are looking to continue their success this season. Dallas is one of the teams in the league to NOT have a shirt sponsor, and they have excellent kits because of that. The fact the change is just the home in blue and white is fine by me, it may not be traditional, but Dallas pulls off the look incredibly well and will look sharp as they try to take the extra step to win the 2011 MLS title. Score: 8/10

Chicago Fire

The Fire, much like Dallas, scrapped their sponsor for 2011, and look much better for doing so. The home kit looks excellent in the side’s traditional red, and having the team name replace the sponsor is a welcome change. The away kit is a bit simple for my tastes, but does what is should, look different from the home and not cause a ruckus. Overall, a good job for what will hopefully be a good Fire side. Score: 8.5/10

Honorary Mention: New York Cosmos

With efforts spearheaded by two world soccer legends in Pele and Eric Cantona, the New York Cosmos are back. The goal is to turn them into the MLS’ 20th team, but to do so will have to wait until 2013. However, in the mean time, Tailored By Umbro officially hit US shores and did a beautiful job with the entire Cosmos range for 2011.The Home jersey looks excellent along with the rest of the range and all of it is available through kitbag.

And since it is Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday, Sister Angelica wanted to give her thoughts on JJB

And for your weekly dose of Gennaro Gattuso humor, it seems after headbutting Joe Jordan three-ish weeks ago,

Gattuso has moved on to the elderly…

In actuality, this is referencing that Gattuso scored his first goal since 2006 which turned out to be the game winner against Juve, but it is still a funny headline nonetheless


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