New Brasil Kits, Now with a Completely Useless Green Strip!

Ok, so this is a little late, as the Nike Fashion show, err, I mean the Brazil vs. France friendly occured this past Wednesday (France 1-0) with France winning off a Karim Benzema goal. This was not only a matchup of two world powers, but one of Nike’s hottest sellers (Brazil) versus Nike’s newest mega contract (just signed France from Adidas.) So I’ve already covered the beautiful new French kit, which is simple and classy, however, it seems Nike was a bit slapdash in putting together Brazil’s new kits.

As you can see, from the start the Canarinhos (Canaries, as the Brazillians team is nicknamed) have fairly solid kits, until you get about chest level and see that horrifyingly bad stripe. Why Nike, why? I mean the World Cup kits were okay, but if you didn’t have the stripe on these they would qualify as BEAUTIFUL. However, being a bigger fan of Argentina, I get a chuckle out of seeing that ridiculous strip adorn the jerseys. However, you would think, as this is one of the most menacing kits in all of soccer, that Nike would not mess with success, although I suppose with new kits coming out on a bi-annual basis for national teams, they had to try and make it look different than the kit worn in South Africa. Now, that was the home, the change kit on the other hand somehow looks okay with the strip on there, its not great, but its a much better fit here than on its home counterpart. One can only hope that with this, Nike will revert back to the regular Brazil style in 2013 when this kit’s shelf life expires.

My biggest problem with this is besides the strip, that Brazil is in a period of transition right now, much like England, there is a changing of the guard on the national roster with young guns like David Luiz, Neymar and Ganso all receiving call ups. When these three men take the pitch at Copa America during the summer, they are going to look ridiculous thanks to Nike. So today, we salute the boys in Beaverton, for now, just like Adidas and Kappa have, they took what was a fairly good looking kit and made it into something ridiculous. – J

Hats off to…Gary Neville

For those of you who did not know, Manchester United Right Back Gary Neville retired last week. Now as you do know, in no way do I like Manchester United or what they stand for, but I do respect all one club men, whether they be my favorite, like Tony Adams, or Manure’s legends such as Neville, Giggsy and that ‘ging Scholes. Behind Giggs, until his retirement last week, Neville was the 2nd longest tenured player at Old Trafford. He served as Club Captain from November 2005 until August 2010, when he handed off the position to Nemanja Vidic. Neville did show his age during his later years but will be remembered as another legend from the “Golden Generation” by the United faithful. For JJB to remember him, I now present two hilariously captioned photos of Neville during his playing days.


Gary: Would you like this plate?

SAF: No, I’m fine..

Gary: Just take the f*#&#n plate


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