Super Bowl XLV – How Aesthetically Pleasing It Is

Super Bowl Week is upon us. The pathetic, oft-forgotten Pro Bowl has passed and now the real festivites can begin now in Dallas (Jerry World, pictured above, is all ready to go). Its Packers vs. Steelers, which is one of the best jersey match ups in a SB we’ve seen in a while. Two uniforms, stacked in tradition, and that have been barely modified throughout their respective team’s history. This got me wondering, how often does the better looking team win the big one each year? Well let’s go through the last decade of Super Bowls (XXXV – XLIV) and see if the winners’ looked good doing so.

Two Things to Keep in mind while reading

  • The NFC and AFC switch off each year who gets to wear their home jerseys (except XL when the Steelers elected to wear their away jerseys)
  • This is just on their game uniforms, not on their whole uniform set (e.g it could be that I love the losing team’s home, but they wore their not so good looking away jersey)
  • At the end of each game I’ll keep a running tally of the better dressed team’s record (BDT Record)

Super Bowl XXXV – Baltimore Ravens 34 – 7 New York Giants

Not one of the best Super Bowl’s, as it was a complete blowout, but it showcased one of the greatest defense’s of all time in Baltimore’s 2000 unit that allowed only 165 pts (a league record low that still stands to this day.) However, it did showcase two of Nike’s newest efforts (they redesigned both team’s unis for the 2000 season, designs which both use to this day, with minor alterations.) New York: a much more modernized design than they had the previous years, and one that they still wear today, however, the royal blue and red has never really done it for me, but at least they wore the home instead of the infernal away uniforms. Baltimore: First pro football game I ever watched on TV: A Ravens 38-28 loss to Minnesota in Baltimore (12/13/1998). The first time I set glance on these uniforms, I fell in love with them. The Ravens set was updated for 2000, including a new helmet logo (replacing this.) This however, was the first Super Bowl I watched in full, so I was pulling for the Ravens, and they won in dominating fashion (playing style and uniforms). (BDT 1-0) (Note: Final SB played with Nike uniforms until Super Bowl XLVII)

Super Bowl XXXVINew England Patriots 20 – 17 St. Louis Rams

This game is practically a gimme. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the NFL moved the game down a week and scrapped this Bourbon Street theme logo for something a little more patriotic and fittingly enough, the Patriots, who were not even picked to win their division at the start of the season, overcame all odds to reach the big game. This game, much like SB45, was incredibly easy on the eyes. The Rams uniforms, which received a redesign just the previous season, switched from blue and yellow to a more modern blue and gold. The Pats also received a new design the year prior, making their 1993-1999 uniforms look slapdash by comparison. Obviously, the Pats won this one for America (it could not have been more fitting) and were the better dressed team doing so. (BDT 2-0) (Note: This was the last game to be played in Adidas Uniforms, Reebok recieved the total NFL contract for 2002 – 11)

Super Bowl XXXVII – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 – 21 Oakland Raiders

This was a fairly disappointing game, there was a good storyline going in, as Buccos coachChuck Gruden had ditched Oakland for Tampa right before the start of the 2002 season, however, the game proved terrible, as Rich Gannon tossed 5 picks, and Tampa won in a blowout. Oakland: sported their traditional white over silver with black details, I may not like the Raiders, but I think that is one of the best looking away sets in football, simple, classy, and a great color scheme. Tampa Bay: I wish the Bucs would break out their white pants with their home jerseys and leave the pewter pants to the road uniform, the Red on Pewter is too much for my eyes, but unfortunately Tampa, and their ugly duds, dominated this game. (BDT 2-1)

Super Bowl XXXVIII – New England Patriots 32 – 29 Carolina Panthers

The Patriots were back in familiar territory whilst Carolina reached the promised land for the first time in their short franchise history (began play in 1995.) Much like their Super Bowl 36 win, the Pats had a great game winning formula. Tied with under 2 minutes left, give the ball to Brady, Vinatieri kicks ITS GOOD! PATRIOTS WIN! Carolina: I actually do like the Panthers away set, I wish they would wear these white pants with their home uniform instead of they gray pants they typically sport. New England has uniforms that are hard to beat though, classic blue, red and silver, they are easily one of the best dressed in the AFC and again showed their class, with Tom Brady leading them to Super Bowl win number 2. (BDT 3-1)

Super Bowl XXXIX – New England Patriots 24 – 21 Philadelphia Eagles

The story for this was simple: Patriots Win – Dynasty, Philadelphia Wins – Donovan McNabb receives six month grace period from constant berating by always angry Philadelphia sports fans. You all know the story – Brady –> Vinatieri –> Win, (and McNabb was verbally berated until T.O made the team implode in 2005.) Philadelphia were able to wear their home green and whites, but I would have much preferred to see their occassional look of white on white but they wouldn’t have done that, nor was there any possibility they wore their black alternates. New England was forced to wear there away uniforms in a Super Bowl for the first time ever (they wore homes in the previous 2 and in ’86 and ’97) But they looked great doing so, these are not as great as the homes (i’m not a big fan of the blue pants) but I prefer them to Philly’s homes. Tom Brady and Co. became a dynasty, beating Philly and looking great doing so. (BDT 4-1)

Super Bowl XL – Pittsburgh Steelers 21 – 10 Seattle Seahawks

Worst Super Bowl of the last ten years (with very average commercials too.) Horrible officiating and low scoring led this to be terrible (and worst of all it was down the road in Detroit too.) Seattle were supposed to be the “road” team, meaning they would get to wear their excellent looking away uniforms however, since they were a six seed Pittsburgh elected to wear their away uniforms to keep solidarity of playing on the road, forcing Seattle into their homes’ (a monochrome mess.) So keeping with the trend, Pittsburgh made it 3 straight for the better dressed team as they dispatched Seattle in a snoozer.  (BDT 5-1)

Super Bowl XLI – Indianapolis Colts 29 – 17 Chicago Bears

Second worst Super Bowl of the decade. After 2006 I had high hopes for SB41, but knowing Rex Grossman was at QB, I knew it would be a loss for Chicago, the rain poured, Prince laid an egg during the halftime show, the only thing that made up for this was that I had two days of school off after thanks to ice. Chicago: one of the greatest home uniforms in the NFL because it has stayed untouched (well except for that one ill-fated 2002 Packers game in Champaign when they wore their away pants.) Indianapolis: What a boring set of uniforms, only blue and white, no third accent color, Peyton Manning and his crew looked pretty messy after the rainy affair in Miami, but sadly, they were hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy instead of Da’ Bears, giving the BDT’s their second loss of the decade, and leaving this group of gentlemen very upset. (BDT 5-2)

Super Bowl XLII – New York Giants 17 – 14 New England Patriots

Probably one of the most exciting Super Bowls in recent memory. The then 18-0 Patriots had steamrolled their way into the big game and were heavily favored to take out Big Blue, who snuck into the playoffs and won three road playoff games on their way to Glendale. The only letdowns prior to the game was the logo (ok, I guess it’s the bordering states’ faults that Arizona resembles a van sliding door.) and the fact that Tom Petty was doing halftime. After a miracle catch by David Tyree, the G-Men dashed New England’s undefeated dreams, leading those jerks on the ’72 Dolphins to crack open another bottle of champagne, Michael Strahan to retire happy with the ring he so deserved, and giving Eli Manning a totally unmerited ring. New England had a familiar look, wearing the same uniforms they had in two of the previous three games, and it looked especially good against New York’s so-so away set. New York were the away team, meaning they had to wear their white on gray’s, which have a bit too much red for me, especially considering red is the team’s secondary color. However, Big Blue prevailed, taking down another better dressed side to give them two straight losses. (BDT 5-3)

Super Bowl XLIII – Pittsburgh Steelers 27 – 23 Arizona Cardinals

Another great Super Bowl (we had 2 in a row?!) The Steelers were back after a two year hiatus while the Cardinals were making their first appearance under a rejuvenated Kurt Warner. The game was incredibly back and forth until the Santonio Holmes TD catch above sealed the Steelers’ victory. Arizona recieved a uniform update in 2005, taking away their historic set for something that looks like it got ripped out of the Arena Football League catalog (however their 2010 black alternate looks great.) Pittsburgh’s set, besides one minor annoyance I have (see below) look good, but not as great as their black and yellow set. However, since beating Arizona is no tall task in the uniform department, Pittsburgh struggled a bit on field but took home their sixth Super Bowl.  (BDT 6-3)

Super Bowl XLIV – New Orleans Saints 31 – 17 Indianapolis Colts

Suprisingly, two decently dressed teams made the Super Bowl in 2010. Peyton Manning and the Colts were returning to the promised land for the second time in three years, meanwhile the Saints saw their first Super Bowl as a chance to shake the ghosts of Hurricane Katrina with a win that the whole city could celebrate. Indy: I have never been a fan of the Colts uniforms. Simple? yes, decent color? yes, boring? you bet. The Colts have made almost no uniform tweaks since moving from Baltimore in 1984. New Orleans on the other hand got to wear their spectacular away uniforms (my only issue with the home is THREE different shades of gold are used between the helmet, number and pants, just make them match.) So in stunning fashion, the Saints made a great comeback and downed the Colts, giving the BDT’s a second straight win.

(BDT 7-3)

Super Bowl XLV (My Pick) Green Bay Packers 28- 21 Pittsburgh Steelers

That’s right boys and girls, my official pick is for Green Bay to keep on rolling the opposition for their first SB win since ’96 and for Aaron Rodgers to stop being called “The guy who replaced Favre.” The photo above is from when the teams played in Pittsburgh last year (Steelers won 37-36.) However, that was against a different team, and also, Green Bay will be wearing their spectacular home uniforms against Pittsburgh’s so so away uniforms. (why the YELLOW type face with BLACK numbers, WHY?) So in a sports sense (I don’t think Pittsburgh’s D can shut down GB, nor do I think Ben Rapistberger can do a whole lot without Maurkice Pouncey stabilizing his shoddy O-line) and in a uniform sense (pretty easy) GO PACKERS GO! (BDT: 8-3)

Sadly, the Super Bowl marks the end of football season, but spring training kicks in soon, Champions League restarts in 2 weeks, and the NHL playoff picture is starting to take shape, so I should survive. I’m done writing until after the Super Bowl, but keep a look out for another article from newest contributor Ross Patton later this week. – J


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