A Star Studded Weekend On the Horizon

This upcoming weekend is significant in the world of sports entertainment (more on the entertainment side.) This coming Sunday, January 30 (My 20th Birthday to boot) The tweaked NHL All Star game is in Raleigh, the Pro Bowl returns to Hawaii, and to cap it off (a nostalgia to my childhood) the WWE Royal Rumble pay per view is in Boston. All Star games means new, one off jerseys for consumer whorish fans to put down 150 bucks for, let’s see what atrocities Reebok provided for the league’s this year.

NHL All Star Game –  RBC Center, Raleigh, NC – Team Staal (White) vs. Team Lidstrom (Blue) – (I’m Team Lidstrom)

The NHL tweaked the All Star game since its last incarnation from 2009 (none was played last year due to the Winter Olympics.) This year they went super old school in possibly a nod to playground Hockey. They picked two captains (one from each conference) – Eric Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes and Nicklas Lidstrom of my beloved Red Wings, and on Friday, January 28, they will hold a fantasy draft where they pick from a pool of fan voted players to create each of their teams. I find this concept funny because whoever are the two picked last are obviously the worst all stars  (but they go home to their millions of dollars and super model wives so I doubt they are complaining, unlike on the playground, where the kid pick last gets nothing.) But to the jerseys, Team Staal is wearing White with Red  and Silver trim, and Team Lidstrom is wearing Navy blue, with White and Royal blue trim. Really these jerseys are the same with different colors, I prefer Team Lidstrom’s because the blue looks better. The NHL says they picked these six colors as they are the most recurring among NHL team’s official colors.

NFL Pro Bowl – Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI – AFC vs. NFC

It was already bad enough in 2009 and before since the Pro Bowl was a joke of NFL all stars running up the score against each other, but the atmosphere was relaxed and the players had fun. However, last year, the NFL decided to fill its broadcast gap between the Conference title games and the Super Bowl with the Pro Bowl. Dumb, specifically because it means players in the Super Bowl (and SB participants usually have many Pro Bowlers) cannot play, this year removing stars like Troy Polamalu, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews from the game and costing them their vacation to Hawaii. One thing has stayed constant all these years. Pro Bowl uniforms SUCK. They alternate every year of who is home (AFC Red vs. NFC Blue) But they always have too many stars or look absolutely ridiculous (a la the half color half white of a few years ago.) This year’s have been simplified some, which is better, but not great. My question is this: why can this and the other All Star games not be like baseball, where players wear their OWN TEAM’S JERSEY in the game (at least they have the helmets) but its simple, one side is in white, the other is an amalgamation of darker colors, I think that would vastly improve the situation, and allows players to represent their own teams to the fullest. But for now – Yawn.

Well I’m now entering one of those hell stretches in school, so I will try my best to keep content flowing for next week but we will see what happens, however, be on the lookout for articles from our other staff members too! – J


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