Ross Patton – NBA Jerseys: The Good, The Bad and The Let’s Never try that Again.

Today boys and girls I present you with Ross Patton, fellow jersey enthusiast and current Michigan classmate. Ross is much more into basketball than me, so expect to see his contributions heavily involve the sports. His first piece is below, I hope you all enjoy – J

What used to be signature piece of the hip hop community’s attire was the NBA jersey. Name on the back, front, side-to-side, it was worn and quickly became played out. But why did this fashion trend disappear before our very eyes? Well to be honest, it might be due to the fact that some jerseys try too hard. The NBA jersey ranges from its classic Lakers purple and gold to the bold Celtic green. Over time jersey style have come and gone faster than others and the throw back trend made the statement that some jerseys should have been left as is.

The Good: Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers is one of the most recognizable sports franchises in the world. Their long tradition of success is counterbalanced by their rosters that contained countless Hall of Fame players, as well as their ever so loyal fans. But the Lakers are nothing without their famous combination of purple and gold. The Lakers are the only team that wears a non-white home jersey on a regular basis (except for Sunday home games). As intimidating as Kobe Bryant’s 24, and even his original 8, they are no where nearly as nerve wracking without the compliment of royalty colors. I’m also a fan other their original blue and white jersey back when they were the Minneapolis Lakers (hence why the team name makes sense).

The Bad: Phoenix Suns

Every knowledgeable NBA fan thinks of one thing in particular when they hear the Phoenix Suns: fast paced, run-and-gun basketball. Exciting stuff, right? Yes, yes of course; but their jerseys are hard to bear. It’s almost a blessing in disguise that the Suns like to keep up a blur-like pace, that way we don’t have to stop to look at their horrendous uniforms. There is something about the mixture of orange, purple, and silver that reminds me of grade school art class when you try to combine every color on the color wheel and it ends up looking like fesses. Their previous jerseys with the shooting basketball across the chest looked much better than their current one with the side ways oval. There are so many problems with this jersey that need to be fixed immediately (and now we know why Stoudemire left).

The Let’s Never try this Again: New Orleans Hornets Mardi Gras Jersey

Maybe it’s because when I played against one of my boys in NBA 2k11, he chose the

Hornets with those ridiculous Mardi gras jerseys, and it looked like three teams were playing on the floor at the same time, that I dislike these jerseys. I understand and respect the idea of the jerseys because Mardi gras is a major event that makes New Orleans one of the liveliest cities our nation has to offer. But let’s leave the crazy costumes for the people in the parades, not on the hard-court. I love that they kept the Fleur-de-lis logo on the back of the collar, and the fact that the front of the jersey reads “Nola” is a plus as well (who doesn’t love nicknames?). But as my friend Evan would say, “I give it a boo.” I appreciate the effort, but seriously New Orleans, you don’t want your athletes looking like circus clowns, do you?


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