Conference Championship Games: I really could use 2 wins

My 2011 picks now sit at .500 (9-9) so going undefeated the rest of football season would be nice, but somewhat unlikely, but as per usual, lets pick them the way they should be, by picking the better dressed team!

Sunday January 23, 2010

3:00 PM

#6 Green Bay Packers at #2 Chicago Bears

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you thought last weekend’s rivalry matchups were great, get ready for a FIGHT. Packers vs. Bears is the most historic and arguably the most heated rivalry in the NFL today. The teams split the season series, but the Packers are currently the hottest team left in the playoffs. Da ‘Bears ended the Seahawks March-Madness-esque cinderella run last weekend with a through 35-24 drubbing, whereas the Packers shut down the NFC’s top-rated team, beating the Dirty Birds by 27 POINTS. But you all knew that, let’s examine the unis, two of the most traditional sets in the NFL. Neither have undergone any of the ‘modern’ redesigns that other teams have experienced. First you have the Packers with their now standard playoff jerseys, white with green and yellow stripes over yellow pants. The Bears blue orange and white looked right at home last week in the snow against Seattle. This week, the game will be at Soldier field with the most asthetically pleasing NFL playoff matchup in recent memory. At the end of the day, I am judging this by almost a coin toss, and I’ll take the Packers by a whim (and expect a few replays of the above photo courtesy of my second favorite Packer, Clay Matthews [No way he’s above Woodson in my book])

6:30 PM

#6 New York Jets at #2 Pittsburgh Steelers

I will be flat out honest with all of you, I will not watch this game, if its any two teams I hate in the NFL, the Steelers and Jets are amongst them. The Jets, who run their classless mouths too much, and the Steelers because of Ben Roethlisberger. So let’s move quickly to the jerseys. Its Wiz Khalifa versus Michigan State. As pictured above, the jets broke out the dreaded white on green look last week in Foxborough and I am sure they will bring it back for this week. Steel City, as much as I dislike the unis, like the Bears and Packers have a timeless design that has seen little alteration throughout their history. If the Jets wore their proper green and white road jerseys, then this decision would be much more difficult. However, since history tells us the Jets will go Green pants, I say Steelers march on to another Super Bowl, setting up Black (and yellow) versus Green (and yellow) to tango in Dallas on Feburary 6th. This will be the first time these foes have met in a Super Bowl, but it will be one wracked in NFL tradition and success. Let’s wait until Sunday night to see how I do. I’ll be back with a preview of France’s new Nike Soccer Kits soon, and get excited for yet another guest columnist at the end of the week. – J


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