Picking The NFL Divisional Round, Like Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish, This time its Personal

I am 8-6 so far in picking 2011 (C0llege and Pro) which is good to see that the better dressed teams are winning for the most part (except sadly for Oregon, who deserved their win in the National Title Game.) But now its the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, and like Rex Ryan running his mouth, this time, its’ personal, I am determined to try and be 3-1 again this round, but it depends what happens in the two divisional blood baths in the AFC and the fierce fights during the NFC games.

Saturday, January 15, 2010

#5 Baltimore Ravens at #2 Pittsburgh Steelers

The first game of the round would be as Jim Ross would say “A Slobberknocker,” The Ravens and Pittsburgh, its hard to find a more fierce rivalry in the NFL on and off the field, and the teams meet again for the third time this season, and second time in the playoffs in the past three seasons. Both teams won on the road this year, and each game was decided by 3 points. Like last week, the Ravens will probably come out in their now regular white on black look which is great, except it creates a unitard look from the waist down to the ankles, and as my friend over at BodyByH pointed out, makes their lower bodies look incredibly small. If the team were to break out some white socks and break up the unitard, they would be perfect. On the Steelers side, you have Wiz Khalifa personified in team colors, black and yellow. There is no way the Steelers would break out their throwbacks for the playoffs, and my primary problem with the Steelers jerseys are the helmets, it is annyoing that they do not have a logo on both sides. I understand that it is tradition, but its always bothered me. For that, and my purple bias, the Ravens sink the Steeler ship and cruise on to their second AFC title game in three years.

#6 Green Bay Packers at #1 Atlanta Falcons

Unfortunately, this is the least exciting of the divisional round matchups for it does not feature a divisional rivalry, nor does it feature Marshawn “Earthquake Machine” Lynch and the Seahawks. Regardless, we have some interesting uniforms on display. Like last round, the Packers ooze class, especially on the road where the White provides a nice back drop for the green and yellow. The Falcons most recently redesigned in 2003, until then, they wore these in the Georgia Dome, which was one of my favorite home looks in the NFL, simplistic, but classy, and during the Dirty Bird days, instilled fear in opponents. Today, the Falcons, much like the Vikings and Cardinals, look like the unfortunate love child of the Arena Football League design department and Texas Tech. So I’ll say Roll Pack, taking them to where many predicted them to be at the start of the year, the NFC Championship game.

Sunday, January 16, 2010

#4 Seattle Seahawks at #2 Chicago Bears

These teams met in week 6 (pictured above) and the Seahawks won 23-20, the teams are not much different three months later. Unlike last week’s monochrome mess, the Seahawks come out this week in their great road uniforms. A modern look but still comes together nicely and unlike the home uniforms, is not TOO blue. On the other side, you’ve got Da’ Bears, who will wear there traditional blue, orange and white look, timeless and classy, but is becoming a bit dull, if they would throw anything different into the mix it would be nice. Here is my shocker of the week, I’m taking the now 8-9 Seahawks to beat the Bears and incredibly, host the NFC championship game at Qwest Field.

#6 New York Jets at #1 New England Patriots

This game I look forward to the most, New York and New England in Foxborough in the snow. As most of you know, the Pats beat down the Jets 45-3 on Monday Night Football about a month ago, and since then, the Jets have gotten worse, and the Patriots are still hitting their stride. Uni wise, it was refreshing to see the Jets beat the Colts in their white on white look, which is the only uni they should wear on the road. New England will definitely be in their Blue and Silver home duds, always great, and miles better than their road uniforms. For that specific reason, I will go with New England (USA!, USA!, USA!) and lead them where they belong in the AFC Championship at home.

Well there you go, by regular pick standards, its bold going with three underdogs, but hey, I didn’t design these uniforms, this week I am providing a treat by having a double dose of JJB articles, I’ll be posting another one within a day or so, but be sure to watch the games this weekend and Go GreenEngland RavenHawks!


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