Pigskin Pick’ Em – Wild Card Edition

Another NFL regular season is in the books, which means Wild Card weekend is upon us. With the Patriots, Steelers, Falcons and Bears all getting the week off, the eight lower seeded teams face off on Saturday and Sunday, let’s take a look and pick ’em by uni in traditional JJB fashion.

Saturday January 8

#5 New Orleans Saints at #4 Seattle Seahawks

Now there are two major stipulations to this match up, the fact that the links above showcase the teams designated “away and home” uniforms as reported to the NFL league office. But each team has a variation of each jersey. New Orleans black pants alternate which has a chance of being worn, and the Seahawks alternate blue pants home. Now IMHO, the original versions of these uniforms are much better than the alternates. The Saints look classier in gold pants, and the Seahawks look ridiculous with those navy blue pants with seahawk blue jerseys. So, fingers crossed it is a proper matchup, but regardless, unless Seattle magically breaks out the white pants. (Which to this day have been worn ONCE during the regular season, in a road game in Jacksonville during 2005.) Barring uniform apocalypse, the Saints take this easily

#6 New York Jets at #3 Indianapolis Colts

Let’s get one thing straight from the start, I do not like the New York Jets, plain and simple, they are A. The Jets, and B. share the same colors as Michigan State, so enough said from my perspective. For that reason, I hope they come out in these, the team’s white on green combo looks terrible, the white on white at least looked classy, but the white on green is too much. On the other hand, I also HATE the Colts, primarily because of Peyton Manning, and the fact that even in a down year, the Jaguars still let them into the playoffs. If anything, this is the most bland of the opening round matchups, royal blue versus green, but if I had to pick one, in a shocker, I will take the Jets because it sets them up against New England in round 2 for an epic rematch.


Sunday January 9

#5 Baltimore Ravens at #4 Kansas City Chiefs

Much like the Saints-Seahawks matchup, this has a slight furl to it. In the John Harbaugh-era, the Ravens have worn their black pants with their road jerseys more often than the commonly seen white on white look. I think the white on white looks better, but the white on black gives a good look for November, December and playoff games, so I will not be angry if the team walks on the field in half black. The Chiefs have a timeless uniform that has barely changed since the team’s inception in the 1960’s. They almost never go red on red while at Arrowhead, so it would shock me to see something other than red and white. At the end of the day, I prefer purple over red, which means I’ll take Baltimore.

#6 Green Bay Packers at #3 Philadelphia Eagles

These teams met during week one at the Linc, but with one notable difference, the Eagles broke out these beauties as a tribute to the 1960 team. Both teams regular uniform sets are nice. The Packers away is a good mix of green, white and yellow (and I am someone who hates green and yellow put together.) The Eagles have had their current uniform set since 2003, the dark green is nice, and is always paired with white pants at home, because all green is a monochromatic mess for the birds. This one is tough, but I’ll take tradition over the birds. Give me the Pack.

Wild Card round – PICKED, I’ll be back with updates throughout the playoffs as the rounds progress as well as some other new posts – J



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