Pigskin Pick ‘Em – New Year Bowl Matchups (The Important Ones)

It’s time to shake off that Christmas hangover (whether it be due to too much eggnog or too much family) because its time for New Year’s, which means the actual IMPORTANT (well most are important) Bowl Games are played on New Year’s day and after. Today, I am picking the bowls based on uniform matchup, however, you may notice I have left a few out, and that is for this reason, there is nothing to justify Middle Tennessee State playing a Bowl game after the Rose, Sugar and Fiesta bowls have all been played, so I have left out the ridiculous no-name bowls featuring no-name schools. Enjoy –

Jan 1, 2011

Ticket City Bowl (Dallas, TX) – Northwestern (-11.5) vs. Texas Tech

Black and Purple against Black and Red, both make solid combinations, especially for their avian look-a-likes in the NFL (Ravens and Falcons.) Being a Ravens fan, and a person who enjoys purple, I take Northwestern easily over Texas Tech, whose Under Armour uniforms look good, but sometimes take things over the edge in ridiculous piping. Northwestern’s simplicity helped them out here

Capital One Bowl (Orlando, FL) – Michigan State (+7.5) vs. Alabama

Too easy, I HATE Sparty’s  new uniforms, and  the Crimson Tide, as much as I detest them, have one of the classiest looks in College football, especially thanks to their iconic numbers on the helmets design. State has seen their uniforms go from OK, to bad, to this atrocity, whereas ‘Bama knows not to mess with success, I’ll take Bama easily.

Outback Bowl (Tampa, FL) – Florida (-5) vs. Penn State

Two of the bigger dissapointments from the 2010 season face off at Raymond James Stadium. Florida will be breaking out new pro combats which, even though they have some slight variation, are fairly boring. Penn State hasn’t changed their uniforms since Joe Paterno started roaming the earth with the dinosaurs, but I cannot argue that it is class and a tried and true tradition, while more boring than Florida’s. Gimme the Nittany Lions in a snoozer

Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL) – Michigan (+5) vs. Mississippi State

Truly a late Christmas present this year, I get to see my beloved Wolverines play in a bowl for the first time in two years, and on New Year’s Day nonetheless. Obviously the winged helmets and traditonal blue and yellow of the winningest program of all time trump anything, especially MSU’s black and white ensemble. Michigan by a country mile

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) – TCU (+2.5) vs. Wisconsin

One of the more interesting matchups this year. The mid-major who finished undefeated against the team that started steam-rolling opponents after losing to Michigan State. Modern vs. old time classic, but again, Black and Purple trump red any day in my book. Horned Frogs take down Bucky Badger and the red brigade.

Fiesta Bowl (Glendale, AZ) – Connecticut (+17) vs. Oklahoma

Like everyone else, I totally agree that UConn sneaked into this bowl game, I just wish they would play Va. Tech so then no one would have to watch the Orange Bowl. This is a fairly easy pick, as much as I like the blue, white and silver that Connecticut brings to the table, Boomer Sooner‘s Crimson and White is timeless and easily wins.

Jan 3, 2011

Orange Bowl (Miami, FL) – Stanford (-3) vs. Virginia Tech

Probably one of the easier picks here. You’ve got the Cardinal and their traditional Cardinal Red and White uniforms against Virgina Tech, who in the past have looked great but now look just filthy. Stanford cruises.

January 4, 2011

Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA) – Ohio Sucks vs. Arkansas

I only wish Ohio Sucks would wear their horrifyingly bad throwback uniform for the bowl game too, that would be icing on the cake, or if the NCAA (Now up the ladder to be the second most corrupt organization in sports behind FIFA) would simply suspend OSU players like they should be. However, I do like the Razorbacks uniforms, definitely a different direction than the past, but it took something traditional and made it look better than usual. Arkansas wins in a squeaker against the hated tradition of OSU.

Fun Sidenote: Scott Loeffler, Arkansas QB coach (and former Lions and Michigan QB coach) is married to my third cousin Crystal

January 7, 2011

Cotton Bowl (Arlington, TX) – Texas A&M (+2.5) vs. LSU

Probably my surprise of the set of picks. LSU’s uni’s actually bore me because they always wear white, if I got to see their cool purple uniforms more than once every two seasons they would easily win this match up. However, since that is the case, I give this to Ryan Tannehill lead Texas A&M. There is something about Crimson that just means college football in my mind, so I give it to the Aggies, and hey, maybe they can even knock off LSU in the actual game.

January 10, 2011

BCS National Championship Game (Phoenix, AZ) – Auburn (-1.5) vs. Oregon

The Big Kahuna this year features an interesting choice for me,  the player I hate (Cam Newton) against the team I hate. (Oregon) I remember that once upon a time, the Heisman went to the player who meant the most to his team, not a competition between MVP’s for the top ten teams in the country, because what many people forget is two things A. Cam Newton is not a morally sound individual, he did steal a computer at Florida and cheated, 2. LaMicheal James was arrested earlier this year on Domestic Violence charges, what was he going to do, win the Hesiman and then beat the hell out of his girlfriend with it? (That was my tirade against the flawed system that is the NCAA for today.) However, back to uniforms. I have always liked the Tigers’ blue and orange, probably because it reminds me of my own Detroit Tigers. Oregon and their 384 uniform combinations never are consistent enough with one design for them to look good, even in all black, I don’t like the uniforms. This one is gonna go to Auburn by virtue of color.

Well there you go, the important bowls PICKED, I wish everyone a very happy new year and look forward to bringing you all more of the best from the world of sports Unis in 2011. – J


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