Jersey Flip Flop

Ever wanted your team to swap their home and away uniforms? or maybe switch between their home and their third? today I’ll examine  these scenarios with certain teams throughout professional sports.

Detroit Red Wings

Anyone who has read this blog before knows I swear by the Wings current road jersey, it is top 5 in my favorite jerseys of all time, and I wish the team would wear it at the Joe once again, but for the time being, I deal with the somewhat over-red, blood red home sweater which while menacing, does not have the class or tradition of the white sweater, it also makes us look like the former Soviet Union at home.

Seattle Seahawks

When the Seahawks re-did their colors in 2002, I was not a huge fan, however, this white jersey when paired with White pants doesn’t look half bad, it actually makes the neon green piping almost seem right. However, this is a real pipe dream, the Seahawks are the one team of the thirty two NFL teams who have NEVER worn white at home throughout their whole existence, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them run into Qwest Field wearing these one hot September afternoon.

Orlando Magic

I was absolutely riveted when the Magic released these uniforms. A throwback to the Shaq and Penny era of the team with the modern twist of the current uniforms. Imagine how good the team would look wearing their current blue, away jerseys at home and these black jerseys on the road. Easily one of the best color combinations in the entire NBA, I wouldn’t complain if they officially donned these jerseys as much as possible while still keeping the blue jerseys alive.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons jersey has grown on me over its seven year tenure in Atlanta, it is not the classic design the jersey that preceded it was, but is a nice modern take. The home jersey is a little too much red for me to handle, which is why, like the Cowboys, I would enjoy if the Falcons wore their whites at home. A good looking modern design that would also let Atlanta fans see all the colors of the NFL.

New Jersey Devils

In my NHL favorite jerseys article, the Devils appeared as a dark horse amongst my top 5 favorites. Now, even though they do pair their home red with black pants, it creates a near visual mishmash of dark colors. Luckily the team has these, which have just enough red paneling and black accents paired over white to make a beautiful looking jersey for the team. This is yet another uniform that makes me want the NHL to switch back to the pre-2003 format of wearing white jerseys at home, how it was, and how it should be.

New Orleans Saints

Now presenting, the jerseys your Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints’ wore in their first championship win over the Colts. Ever since I have watched football, this has been the Saints classiest combination possible for a variety of reasons. 1. The home black uni has 3 (count ’em, 3) different shades of gold, which looks ridiculous, and it is too often paired with their black pants, creating a menacing, but near boring look for the team. The team often wears these jerseys early in the year and many times at home and on the road, so bravo and a big hand to the boys from Bourbon Street for being very uni-sensible.


Well there you go, the teams that probably should give their road/third jersey a try at home, a change of color never hurt anyone, and there is nothing in the rules (besides NHL) saying they cannot wear these jerseys at home. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! – J


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