Nike Pro Combat Bowl Uniforms

It’s almost time to go bowling, which means Nike released new, completely useless, one and done, Pro Combat uniforms for Oregon, Texas Christian, Boise State and Florida. Let’s see what the empire from Beaverton brings us today.


I was raised a Michigan football fan, which invokes tradition more than anything. Oregon also has a tradition, and its for changing uniforms EVERY DAMN GAME. I am a fan of variety, but the fact the team has 384 different combination they could wear on any given Saturday is RIDICULOUS. So now, of course Nike brings us more through their proving ground of a school. Surprisingly, these uniforms are fairly tame compared to past efforts (no one needs a yellow jersey or yellow helmet, even if they are school colors.) The white on white look is surprisingly plain coming from Oregon, but my second favorite of the road combos (White and Black looks much more menacing.) The worst part starts at the players calves, it looks as if their socks and back of cleats have been dipped in highlighter ink – blegh. Overall, there could be much worse, but I can easily say that your National Champion in-waiting Auburn Tigers will be looking classy in their standard blue and orange, nice to see that Under Armour isn’t messing with success.


I really like these acutally, I am slightly partial beings a Ravens fan (meaning I truely love black and purple together.) The best part is that this is fairly standard for TCU, they have worn black jerseys this season, just paired with white pants. However, the rumor has it that these uniforms will not be worn in the Rose Bowl and that TCU will be wearing their standard purple jerseys. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing Andy “Ron Weasley” Dalton against Wisconsin’s incredible defense in what should be the most entertaining BCS Bowl that’s not for the national title.

Boise State

Boise State lost a heartbreaker to Nevada, screwing themselves out of the BCS and proving that the WAC is a horrific conference. They will break out these against Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22. I much prefer these to the gray jerseys they wore against Virginia Tech in the season opener (the last pro combat uniform they wore.) I also like that the helmet with the giant Bronco on the side is back. Of these redesigns, this is definitely one that could be used as a home uniform in the future if they receive a positive reception.


I am a little confused as to how these qualify as Pro Combat uniforms, Florida routinely wears this look at least 2-3 times per season. The two major changes I found out about were the fancy new cleats (I like them because they look like Nike Mercurial soccer cleats) and the orange undersleeves. However, like Oregon, going white on white for a bowl game is a bit plain, especially playing against Penn State, the most boring dressed team in College Football. Many would prefer Florida’s white on blue look, and I am not a Gator fan in the least, but some colored pants would add some color to what will be a fairly boring game uniform wise.

Bowl season kicks off this weekend, happy bowling to everyone and your teams! – J


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