My Greatest Sports Weekend EVER

Today, I am taking a minor tangent of my own (still jersey-related, but a bit different.) This past weekend, I went through what was easily the greatest sports weekend of my life, I saw an NHL game, College Hockey (at the Big House), watched a great EPL match and went to my first NFL game all within 96 hours of each other. And the most interesting part? the better dressed team won every single game (even at the dismay of my beloved Arsenal dropping to 2nd in the table.) Let’s start shall we?

Friday 12/10/10 – Detroit Red Wings vs. Montreal Canadiens

Mike Camallieri (Michigan Alum) and Todd Bertuzzi on the Ice in Friday’s Action

An original six matchup at the Joe? yes please, for me, this game is like Michigan vs. Ohio State, my favorite against my sworn enemy. The uniforms did not let down either, as much as I hate Montreal, as an original six, they know NOT to mess with their classic uniforms, and the white looks better than the red to me. The Wings looked classy as usual, and since it was at home, they donned their all red, almost soviet looking home unis, but the Wings as the better dressed team prevailed 4-2 for a Red Wings Victory. (and to boot I caught one of the coupons for free pizza during the pizza toss too!)

Saturday 12/11/10 – Michgan Wolverines vs. Michigan State Spartans – The Big Chill at the Big House

Ok, so the premise of this was sick from the start. But, add in the following to the mix: throwback unis, comfortable temperatures, a B2 Stealth Bomber in the flyover, and Row 3 seats? 2nd greatest experience at the Big House I’ve ever had. (Nothing tops the MSU game from ’04)

My only complaint about Michigan’s special edition jerseys for this game was the shoulder pattern, I was not a huge fan. But down to the classic adidas trefoil and actual Wolverine, they looked great. The atmosphere was absolutely electric, and even some of the football players showed up in my section (I met Koger, Stonum,Van Bergen, Demens) so a great time was had, and again, the best dressed team won, in a 5-0 blowout nonetheless.

If you look bottom center next to the other Indian you’ll spot yours truly at the game. (Thanks to Harnoor Jain ( for the photo)

Note: After the game I picked up this from the stand on Hoover for $10, definitely a great purchase

Monday 12/13/10 – Manchester United vs. Arsenal

I had this fixture marked on my calendar since the fixtures were released months ago. Arsenal v. Manchester United is always a spectacle, but sadly, my sworn enemy Howard Webb was reffing this match, and Arsenal did not come to play. A 1-0 defeat that drops us back to second and keeps our losing streak against United and Chelsea going. As much as I despise the damned Red Devils, they dress at home very similar to my Gunners, Red shirt, white shorts, and that easily trumps any Arsenal yellow shirt they wear (PLEASE STOP MAKING THEM) so again, 3/3, the better dressed team is victorious.

Monday 12/13/10 – Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants (The Snow Bowl at Ford Field)

On sunday, my off day from sports, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to footage of the Metrodome caving and the announcement that the game would be moved to Detroit, most importantly tickets would be FREE. However, tickets sold out in subzero temps monday morning, luckily my buddy Akhil came to the rescue, as he went to the Lions Packers game the day before, and those tickets got us in. After two long hours of traffic, I was finally able to see my first NFL game (wearing that Michigan Winter t shirt – 8 comments from people during the game thinking it was hilarious.) The Vikings came out in their home duds, which are a little to Arena League-ish for me, and the Giants in their standard Away white and reds, which look great accented by the blue helmet.

The Vikings, who as you definitely know by now (unless you’ve been under a rock) were without Brett Favre, leaving their offense anemic at best, the Giants shut em down 21-3 with great rushing performances by Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, and as the trend goes, the better dressed team won. They obviously had to try and make as much money off this game as possible, and since this is America they obviously marketed these –

Since this was my first ever NFL game, I figured buying one of these shameless plugs was a great way to commemorate it.

So that was my incredible sports weekend, the only negative is that exams are Thursday and Friday, but then I get the entire weekend to watch more sports. I was glad to see 3/4 my four teams win, and was surprised that the best looking team won each game. I’ll be back next week and over the Holidays be on the lookout for something brand new from JJB. Until then – J


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