Top Ten Names to go on the Back of a Jersey

10. Quentin Jammer, Cornerback, San Diego Chargers

Let’s be honest, the job of a cornerback is to “Jam” a receiver at the line, so Quentin Jammer’s last name is perfect for his position

9. John Conner, Fullback, New York Jets

Click the above link to see The Terminator in action this preseason.

As HBO’s Hard Knocks highlighted this season The TERMINATOR has lived up to his name, with bone-crushing hits on offense and on special teams, if only this were soccer, then he could actually get Terminator on the back of his jersey.

8.Givanildo Vieira de Souza (kit name: HULK), Striker, FC Porto

Due to his physique, and the bright green jersey’s his team in Japan wore in his early playing days, Hulk lives up to his kit name, smashing in many goals for Porto

7. Kaka – Midfielder, Real Madrid & Brazil

Does this really need any explanation?

6. CoCo Crisp –  Outfielder, Oakland Athletics

Crisp shares his name with a cereal (albeit a delicious one.) The story behind his name is that he was born Covelli Loyce Crisp, but his siblings teased him about resembling one of the characters on the cocoa krispies cereal box, from then on, it was Coco Crisp

5. Randall Gay, Cornerback, New Orleans Saints

Who would have thought the same year the NFL banned the word “Gay” from appearing on the back of customized jerseys, that an undrafted cornerback from LSU would step in and help the Patriots win Super Bowl XXXIX? The NFL had to reverse their April 2004 ruling in October of the same year so members of Randall Gay’s family, and fans, could get their jerseys. Gay just won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints in February as well. Makes you wonder if the NFL bans another name from a jersey if a player can come from the shadows and be a playmaker.

4. Chad Ochocinco, Wide Reciever, Cincinnati Bengals

Hey, Chad “Esteban Ochocinco” Johnson, did you consult an english-spanish dictionary before you went to the Florida courthouse to change your name? We all know by now that Ochocinco is Eight Five and that Ochentacinco is 85, if your gonna do it, do it right, so instead, we laugh that you fudged your own name and had to pay Reebok 4.3 million dollars for unsold jerseys.

3. Ricky VanWolfsWinkel, Striker, FC Utrecht

The Utrecht and Dutch under-21 striker has made quite a name for himself, most notably because many websites have proclaimed he has one of the most fun names in soccer. I am excited for him to move up to a bigger club (he was expected to move to Newcastle before the Transfer window shut last week) and join the Dutch National team hopefully for Euro 2012, then everyone can be wearing hero shirts with the name “VANWOLFSWINKEL” across the back.

2. God Shammgod, Guard, Washington Wizards 1997-98

He has the word God in his name not only once, but TWICE. He played for the Wiz for a total of one year, and his jersey’s have sold for thousands due to the name. If only God Shammgod had played like one in his one season.

1. Rod Smart “HeHateMe”, Tailback, Las Vegas Outlaws – XFL

Rod Smart joined the XFL’s Las Vegas Outlaws after being cut by the San Diego Chargers during their 2000 training camp. Smart explains the meaning behind his nickname – “Basically, my brother’s my opponent. After I win, he’s gonna hate me. It is what it is. It’s a saying I was saying when I’d feel something wasn’t going my way. For example, (when) I was on the squad in Vegas, and coach was putting other guys in, (if) I felt I’m better than them, you know, hey, ‘he hate me.” That small, confusing quote, led to the best name to ever adorn the back of a jersey.

Well there you have it, my first top ten, special thanks go to Tristan Kiel, who helped me figure out some of the players that are on this countdown. Til next time – J



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