Top 5 Holiday-Themed Uniforms

Thursday is Thanksgiving, which means some NFL teams (Lions especially) will be breaking out the throwbacks for the occasion, which got me thinking, what are the best uniforms teams have worn on different Holidays? This list includes unis from Thanksgiving and other Holidays.

Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Throwback Rating: 7/10

Yes, the team has modernized (and by that, I mean tainted) their classic look with black, but this is such an upgrade from the regular Lions uniforms for me. The simplicity of the uniform, and the fact it is a throwback to a time when we won more often than we lost, it makes me glad to see even when we get roasted every Thanksgiving (except for that rare occasion we get scheduled an easy Turkey day opponent) that we look good while losing.

Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Throwback, Rating 8.5/10

Again, an incredible upgrade from their normal home uniforms. This really makes the Cowboys shine when they do wear them on Turkey day. (sadly, unlike the Lions, the team doesn’t break out these beauties on an annual basis) The fact the Cowboys wear these instead of white is a nice change once a year, and I really like the star accents on the shoulders, it is a good blend of white on blue on a home jersey.

Patriots Thanksgiving Throwback, Rating: 9.5/10

Yes, this is the Pats current throwback, but interesting fact, the Patriots first broke it out during the Brady/Belichick dynasty against the Lions on Thanksgiving 2002 in one of the NFL’s few color vs. color games to the day. I absolutely love these throwbacks and am glad the Patriots have kept them. It really is a great homage to their original uniforms when they were the Boston Patriots and I am interested to see if the team will wear the away counterpart to this jersey for Thanksgiving 2010 in Detroit.

New Jersey Devils – St. Patrick’s Day Throwback. Rating: 8/10

This Devils alternate is actually one of their past uniforms from early on in the franchise’s history, but the team decided that St. Patty’s would be the most fitting day to break them out as a throwback, and I agree. These jersey’s are somewhat of a downgrade from the standard Devils’ outfit, but I do enjoy the overall holiday theme of the uniform, and seeing it on the ice once in awhile is a pleasant sight.

Red Sox St. Patrick’s Day Alternates, Rating: 8.5/10

The “Sawx” break these out every St. Patty’s for spring training and a few other times early in the season, I respect this idea considering Boston’s strong Irish population, and I think the uniforms are a good, one off idea, although I also think that the green uniform idea should stick to Boston, other teams like the Reds, Phillies and White Sox need to stop soiling this tradition.

Well there’s the top 5 unis for the holidays, I wish everyone an enjoyable and delicious Thanksgiving, and a safe start to the my favorite time of year, the Holiday season. Until next week – J



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