The Top 5 Cities By Uniforms in American Sports

5. Milwaukee/Green Bay

Wisconsin is known for a few things, cheese, beer, basically Midwest traditions, however, their sports uniforms are highly underrated also. The Packers wear one of the best home uniforms in the NFL, and I am a person who thinks that green and yellow look awful together, but the Pack have been and forever will make that combination work well. The Bucks have gone through some color scheme changes over time, but they have finally found something that works in Green, Red and White. And finally, the Brewers, who combine blue and gold so well to make for a great looking set of uniforms.

4. Houston

Houston would be higher up on this list if the Texans were still the Oilers, however, fourth is incredibly respectable for a town that does not even have all four major leagues in the city. I have liked the Texans uniforms ever since they took the field in 2002, the home jersey looks very good when paired with white pants. The Astros red and black pinstripe design has always been top 10 MLB unis in my book, and even their non-pinstriped jerseys look incredibly sharp. Finally, the Rockets, who returned to this classic design in 2003, make a sharp looking, modernized homage to their past

3. Chicago

It would be near impossible to leave Chicago off this list, great town with great sports. Da Bulls have always dressed sharp even before Jordan joined the team (although it is safe to say he is what made that uniform famous.) As much as I HATE the Blackhawks, I LOVE that black third jersey, and the white away looks pretty solid as well. Da Bears have one of the best looking home uniforms in sports, the blue, orange and white mesh together so well. And the Cubbies, love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are the best pinstriped team in the NL.

2. Detroit

Plain and Simple, The D has the four of the classiest uniforms in sports, and together they catapult Detroit to the silver medal of best dressed cities. The Red Wings have easily the best away sweater in the NHL with the crisp red wheel on white and red panels, many a Stanley Cup have been won in this shirt. The Lions uniform has taken a few steps back recently, but everyone can recognize the Honolulu Blue and Silver of the Lions (Personally I prefer the away jersey.) The Pistons redesigned their uniforms to be a classic in 2001, and have stuck with the look ever since. It is a nod to the “Bad Boys” teams that won two consecutive NBA titles in the late 1980’s. Finally, the Tigers, who have arguably one of the best home uniforms in baseball, the Olde English D on white, very simple, and a true classic of the game.

1. Boston

Collectively, Boston has the best big four collection of uniforms in the country. Three of the four designs are classic and the Patriots uniform has been worn during their three Super Bowl wins. Beantown easily wins. The classic black and yellow of the Bruins is an original six design. The Red Sox have barely altered their home look for the better part of the past century. New England instilled the “Flying Elvis” in 1994, it is not my favorite look, but Tom Brady and the team have won three Super Bowls with Elvis on their helmets, I suggest they stick with it. The Celtics have had their historic green and whites since their inception. Congrats to Boston, collectively, you have the best dressed sports city in America.

So Boston has bragging rights for being best dressed sports city, Anyone have any cities that should be on this list instead of others? email me, or comment on facebook! – J



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