Nike to become NFL Apparel Provider in 2012: I, amongst others, rejoice

The NFL announced on Tuesday, October 12, that Nike will take over from Reebok as the league’s official uniform provider in the 2012 season. Nike last provided NFL uniforms in 2000, and it was only for certain teams, not a league-wide contract. Today, I’ll show you some of Nike’s old work, which is still in existence today, and how Reebok has vilified certain uniforms.

Buffalo Bills – Pre 2002 Supplier – Nike



Hey Reebok, I understand you had to redesign some teams uniforms, but what the hell were you thinking? You took what was a traditonal, classic design, that Buffalo won four consecutive AFC titles in, and ruined it, you made the blue darker, made the team wear monochrome at home, and destroyed the uniform’s integrity. I certainly hope Nike will help return the Bills to their glory days (of uniforms and maybe to winning also)

Denver Broncos – Pre 2002 Supplier – Nike


When Reebok took the Denver reigns from Nike in 2001, it was one of the weirder decisions in sports, because look at the team’s pants, those orange/blue stripes (home/away dependent) are gigantic Nike swooshes, seeing them on an RBK uniform looks absolutely ridiculous, so I’m glad that these jersey’s (Nike designed in 1997) are returning home.

Baltimore Ravens – Pre 2002 Supplier – Nike



Like, Denver, Nike made these uniforms look great when they came out ten years ago, and they still look excellent to this day. When Reebok took over, they decided to give the Ravens a little bit more black, and by a little, I mean black pants and black jerseys, giving them a totally unnecessary completely black alternate. Did it look intimidating? yes Did it also follow the common black for black’s sake trend? yes, so really its a toss up here, but glad to see another Nike design return to Nike.

New York Giants – Pre 2002 Supplier – Nike

2005 – Present “RED” Away

Nike also redesigned the Giants uniforms in 2000, giving them a look they retain today. Reebok gained control, and has done two major things. A. In 2005, they gave the team more Red accents on there away jersey and away pants. IMHO, that really wasn’t a bad change, not a great one either, kind of just a change. B. Last year they gave the team Tech-Fit fabric, which like I showed last article, has not done a whole lot for the squad except modify their uniforms beyond recognition. At the end of the day, another Nike design returning to Nike.

Atlanta Falcons – Pre 2002 Supplier – Nike




The Falcons had a classic look until 2003, when Reebok decided to give the team a complete “modern” facelift, which has had mixed results, the team has a throwback that they introduced last year (it is incredibly similar to the Pre-2003 uniform) and it has been hailed as one of the best throwbacks in the NFL. I do hope the team will return to a similar set in the Post-Reebok era.

Minnesota Vikings – Pre 2002 Supplier – Puma


After: (2006-)

The Vikings enjoyed their greatest period of success in their 1990’s uniforms, which were worn through the Reebok deal until 2005. In what I will call the Adrian Peterson era, they have worn these “Modernized Design” jerseys, which looks more like they belong in the Arena League than the NFL, I personally loved the old Vikings uniforms, so since Reebook took them backwards, perhaps Swoosh Inc. can give them a better, more traditional design.

Cincinnati Bengals – Pre 2002 Supplier – Puma


After (2004-)

Cincinnati was probably the team that least benefitted from the Reebok takeover, as their uniforms were made almost as bad as the Bills’. The team went from an alright looking jersey and logo with an awesome helmet to a hideous jersey/pants combo and an awesome helmet. The team took the field in these in 2004 and yes, they also have a “Modernized Design” but at the same time, I much prefer the teams old school Puma uniforms.

Well there you go, hopefully two years from now when Nike recieves the NFL contract, they can tweak these uniforms to make for a better looking NFL, but at the end of the day, I am glad the most American of sports is back to being sponsored by an American sportswear company. I am excited to see what designs Nike will release in the near future – J



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