Nike and Adidas: How They Advance and Ruin College Football Simultaneously

Hey everyone, sorry I have been gone, work has been taking my life away from everything, including blogging, but here is today’s post fresh off the keyboard:

Nike and Adidas supply over half of the 120+ NCAA FBS football teams. In doing so, especially with less-famed schools, these two sportswear giants have complete creative control over the schools they supply uniforms for. However, the spectrum is wide, schools like Oregon, who is Nike’s uniform testing board, has over 500 different combinations they can use (between jerseys, pants, helmets, socks and shoes.) All the way to teams like Michigan and Notre Dame, whose home uniforms are untouchable and away uniforms are changed minimally at best.

Nike for GOOD:

Example 1: 2009 Oregon Ducks 1998 throwbacks

The 2009 Oregon Ducks wore ONE good uniform combination last year, and their 1998 throwbacks were it. Nike took a break from the ridiculous duck feathered/steel diamond scheme from 2006-09 to give Oregon a classy throwback. If only the Ducks could wear mild variations on this every Saturday, they would be in the Top 25 uniforms.

Nike For BAD: 2007 Oregon State Football Uniforms

Nike is based in Beaverton, and obviously has a huge connection with both Oregon schools, but I think they were playing a practical joke on the Beavers three seasons ago. I mean look at them, the top of the jereey’s have what so many writers referred to as ” the sports bra unis” and I cannot disagree, Oregon St. has had some great jerseys in the past, but this was just a joke of an effort from Swoosh Inc.

So, I’ve shown how Swoosh Inc. helped and ruined college football (in the same state nonetheless) now, its’ the Adi-Dasler empire’s turn. Adidas supplies many big name and prestige programs including Michigan, Nebraska, UCLA and Tennessee amongst others. Let’s look at some of their work.

The BEST Adidas College Uniform: M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N MICHIGAN!

Adidas and Michigan joined forces in 2008 to the tune of about 25 million dollars. Adidas took that Michigan home uniform, one of the best in college football, and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, which is what they were supposed to do. All I ask to adorn the blue and yellow, is a classy, Adidas trefoil, instead of the three stripe, I think it would bring an old school look, but still be Adidas.

The WORST Adidas College Uniform: The All Orange Atrocity of Tennessee

Orange is a great color, I enjoy it because its bright, vibrant, and the color of my beloved Dutch National Football Squad. But someone didn’t send a memo to knoxville, this is TOO much. Why would you dress your team like prison inmates? (oh wait, in 2009, six players ran into law trouble.) Of all the Adidas unis I have seen in my time watching College Football, this monochromatic, vomit orange get up is by far the worst.

It was a busy weekend in the EPL, The Gunners were gifted a point thanks to Pepe Reina’s miscue, I’ll have a quick run down of the best and worst dressed teams in British Soccer before the second round kicks off on Friday. – J




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