My Top 5 NHL Jerseys

5. New Jersey Devils Away


I have always held a soft spot for the Devils, I have no idea why, but I always enjoyed watching the Devils of the early 2000’s, Brodeur, Stevens, Niedermeyer, Gomez, Elias, Langenbrunner, they were my eastern conference team back in the day. I always enjoyed watching them take the ice in this jersey, the stylized NJ, the intimidating color combination of black red and white (and as seen above, they pull it off much better than Carolina.) The Devils on the road are easily one of the best dressed teams in hockey.

4. New York Rangers Home


I have always been a big fan of diagonally placed letters on Hockey jerseys, and the Rangers have been doing this longer than any other team. When the University of Michigan mimicked this style for their yellow alternate jersey two seasons ago, I was absolutely thrilled. The light blue, with white and red accents ,creates a great jersey for the Rangers (and my favorite Ranger, Chris Drury {Above)} to wear inside one of the most historically significant arenas in sports.

3.Vancouver Canucks Throwback


The Vancouver Canucks have gone through more color turnover than any other professional sports team in recent memory, they went from white, green and blue, to red black and yellow, to navy, gray, and red, and then, back to white blue and green. They released this alternate sweater in 2007 when Reebok redid all NHL uniforms with their RBK EDGE system. (which forced most teams to create an alternate jersey). This throwback is near perfect. The old school stick in rink design, and the lumberjack canuck logo on each shoulder mesh nicely with the blue and green accents. This is easily my favorite alternate jersey in the NHL.

2. Boston Bruins Home


Another original six design, in the NHL, classics never really go out of fashion, especially for me. I have always enjoyed Boston’s uniform because of the color combination and logo. The B inside of a spoked wheel is easily recognizeable, and the Bruins patches on the shoulders only ad to that. The inclusion of white as an accent color in 2007 only makes the black and yellow pop even more. The Bruins may be short on trophies recently, but still look good no matter how they are playing

1. Detroit Red Wings Away


I was given my first Red Wings jersey as a 3 year old, and I wore it all the time (I’d provide a photo if I could find one.) Ever since, I have LOVED the team’s white jersey. The contrast of the red winged wheel logo on a white background combined with the red paneling and piping create IMHO one of the most beautiful jerseys in all of sports. With how good it looks, I wish the NHL would switch back to wearing white at home (that was the norm pre-lockout) so I could see this excellent sweater every time I go to the Joe.


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