Monochrome in the NFL: Slick or a one-color mess?

Monochrome in the NFL is something new, up until the 2000’s (except for all white) teams usually wore dark jerseys and light pants (example the Seahawks pre-2002)

Then in 1997, the Buccaneers unveiled their new, non-creamsicle uniform, consisting of dark red jerseys and pewter pants. They, along with the Ravens, were one of the first teams to wear dark and dark (The Ravens switched from Purple and Black to Purple and White in 1998, however)

Then in 2002, the Seahawks, shifting to the NFC, unveiled a radical new uniform scheme, including dark seahawk blue on the jerseys and pants. Originally, and in the 2002 preseason, the team wore blue jerseys and white pants, but in the home opener on September 15, 2002, The ‘Hawks took Qwest field for the first time in an all-blue ensemble.

Original, planned, design:

What they have worn in 63 out of 64 home games in 2002 (in 2009 they donned a GARISH vomit green top with “scuba” blue pants)

I thought at first the team looked sleek in this all blue ensemble, and other teams followed suit with alternate, monchromatic unis, including the Bills, Jets, and Redskins

Personally, I think these teams respective white pants’ed uniforms look MUCH MUCH better (including the Redskins and Jets) ESPECIALLY the Bills and Seahawks, who have been voted respectively into the NFL’s bottom five uniforms. What does everyone else think? should football have more monochrome a la the NBA? or stick to old school and go with dark shirts light pants, and vice versa?

I’ll be back soon with how College Football is too controlled by Uniform providers. – J



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