Michigan Football: Should We Have White Pants?

Michigan Football, my favorite sports team of them all, has possibly the classiest and most storied home uniform in college athletics. The blue helmet with yellow wing, the simple blue jersey, and yellow pants. When seen on field anyone can instantly recognize this as MICHIGAN. The away uniform however, has seen its tweaks over the years. Relocating shoulder numbers to the sleeves (earlier this decade) adding the piping (Nike in 2007, and Adidas took it further in 2008.) However, I think the one thing the football team needs is a slight amount of variety. Every other Michigan team has a white, yellow, or blue uniform. For football, I know the home uniform cannot be tampered with or there would be uproar from boosters. So I suggest we end the debate, and add alternate White PANTS. This photo-shopped image below shows what it could look like.

I think they add some flair and something different to the football team’s wardrobe. However, much like the piping, it could not come without uproar. A friend of mine who works for the football team said “you’d be surprised how such little things could cause such huge uproars.”

If this were to magically go through and Adidas made the team white pants, it would not be the first time the team has taken the field in monochrome white. The last time was January 1, 1976 in a 14-6 loss to Oklahoma that led the Sooners to a National Title win, (but only because OSU and Texas A&M lost their bowl games.)

Here is a stock image of what the team dressed like that January night in Miami

I think its a retro look that the team can bring back, and it would look sharp on field as well. I completely respect the tradition of Michigan football, but I think this could be a welcoming change for the team. – J



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