College Football New Uni Preview

College Football kicks off this week, which means a boatload of teams have new uniforms for this year. Today, I’ll take a look at some of the new looks teams will be sporting on Saturday’s this fall.

Michigan State Spartans – Nike

As you can tell, Swoosh inc really screwed the Spartans here. The different colored shoulders really take these jersey’s in the wrong direction, they resemble soccer team uniforms (cough, Arsenal 08-10 jersey.) The third plain green jersey is the best look for Spartans, but I think that all State fans are rejoicing that the “updated” Spartan logo idea was axed before it became official.

Virginia Cavaliers – Nike

The Cavaliers new home and away looks are sharp. The Navy blue looks good with white pants and the same with the white on orange pants. However, that third jersey, that is a somewhat ungodly combination of the school’s colors. The Orange on Navy blue is too much, reverse it, or pair the orange jersey with white pants and it looks good, but this looks almost like a High School team uniform. I’m under the impression they will not wear this look very much, which is a good thing for Virginia fans.

Texas Christian Univeristy Horned Frogs – Nike (New Pro Combat Uniforms)

College Football would not be complete without new, unnecessary uniforms from Nike, (Does anyone remember the one orange sleeve gimmick for Florida, Va. Tech and The U from a few years back?) I picked TCU and the following schools because I think they are the best looking of the new Pro Combats. TCU adding the Storm grey pants along with the black jersey and color-shifting helmet look quite good for a school that already dresses sharp in purple and black.

Boise State University Broncos – Nike (New Pro Combat Uniforms)

The Broncos received a radical design change for their PC 2010’s. The oversized Bronco on the helmet is a bit much, but they will wear these jerseys against Virginia Tech in Washington DC on Monday, creating a gray on maroon matchup.

Oregon State Beavers – Nike (New Pro Combat Uniforms)

A throwback to the 1950’s for the boys from Corvallis. These resemble a black version of the Cleveland Browns home jerseys’s but i like them, unlike the other OSU throwbacks (the pants look pink in certain light) Nike did a good job with Oregon State.

Well there you have it, College Football Kicks off Tonight, The Big House reopens on Saturday with 109,901 strong – GO BLUE!!! – J


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