Best Kits in England? They Belong to nPower League One side Southampton

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you,  NPower League One club Southampton’s 125th Anniversary kits, these are sheer perfection from Umbro’s “Tailored by England” division, and are the best efforts from them I have seen since England’s World Cup kits.

The Home Kit: Very simple, and from what I am told draws upon the club’s history. I like it because it reminds me of Internazionale’s Centenary kit from 2007-08 when they wore the St. Mark’s Cross (and the Pirelli sponsor logo was incredibly small.) Southampton did Inter one better, they have NO SPONSOR LOGO for the entire season. No dumb logo to fudge that perfect red sash on a white backdrop. This also works better than the U.S sash efforts from the world cup because club teams (unlike international) do not wear numbers on the front (on the US they looked somewhat out of place.) But this look, with the matching white shirts ensures that Southampton may be the finest dressed team in England until Summer of 2011.

The Change Kit: Again, another simplistic, but great design (that doesn’t get destroyed by a sponsor like West Bromwich Albion’s did.) The all black and red design has been used by many team’s before (Fulham, Ajax, AC Milan to name some notables.) But this kit also has black stripes in the black shirt which creates for a cool effect when seen up close.

Overall, I applaud Umbro for this “Tailored by England” campaign. It really has revitalized the brand name and given new life to the company, they also have come up with some great kit designs for the season, being, of course led by Southampton. – J



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