Barclays PL Season Kicks Off: Best and Worst Kits of New Campaign

The EPL season has finally begun, and all twenty teams introduced new kits this year, let’s take a look at the winners and losers from what we’ve seen so far.

The Top 5 WORST Kits:

5. Newcastle United Home

Oh Puma, how you will forever live in the shadow of Adidas, you took Toon’s beautiful home kit and RUINED it. last year’s gold accents along with the previous sky blue accents have been beautiful, but this looks awful, I hope next year’s efforts look better than this atrocity.

4. Tottenham Hotspur Home

Tottenham, I know we completely disagree with each other as I am an ardent Arsenal supporter, but this is not completely your fault. Puma, you screwed a good kit again, removing the yellow was a good call, but between the uneven-ness of the navy blue stripe and that awful Autonomy sponsorship, this kits gets low marks.

3. Fulham Away

I’ve always disliked Kappa, they always manage to make kits WORSE, and this is no exception. What a step backwards from the Nike kit last year, a simple red and black number. The all gray sleeves, and that dumb looking white strip strictly for the sponsor makes this look terrible.

2. Manchester United Away

Good looking home kit, horrific away kit, this sounds so familiar for the Red Devils. A simple, black and red kit, like that of the 2007-08 double winning squad, would have worked just fine, but this Nike lightning effect on the sleeves looks awful. (It also reminds me of the chevron’s from last season, which were no good)

1. Chelsea Away

It’s Halloween for the reigning EPL champions, Adidas has made Chelsea change kits worse every season since they took over from Umbro (since 2006) with the exception of 2008 (the beautiful all black kit.) But this is just as bad as their all yellow kit from 2007, the orange is horrific and has NOTHING to do with CFC, thus deeming it, the worst kit in EPL this year.

The Top 5 BEST Kits:

5. Everton Away

Pink is a rich part of Everton’s history (they won their first title in pink) and it takes some major cojones to wear pink on field in one of the greatest soccer league’s on earth. Bravo Everton for your creativity and homage to the past. (Just wait, on certain occasions they are bringing out an all pink number)

4.  Sunderland Home

Wow Sunderland, your chief rivals Newcastle get atrocious kits, and you are dressed to impress thanks to the new tailored by Umbro campaign. The red and white look splendid, and the tombola sponsor is not imposing in the least. Malbranque, Henderson, Cattermole, Bent and the rest of the Black Cats are looking sharp at the Stadium of Light this year

3. Liverpool Away

What’s this? Adidas gave Liverpool two great away kits two years running? its true. This is one of the best Liverpool away kits I have seen in a long time. The pinstripes along with the black, red and green accents make for a sharp kit for Liverpool to wear against the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United.

2. Manchester City Away

Man Shitty, you are like the Yankees of the EPL now, you sign everyone, and you look damn good doing it. This all blue away number is a great stride forward and is the crown jewel of the tailored by Umbro collection. The Etihad sponsorship looks good in MCFC’s native sky blue, and those socks, WOW those look good. Tevez, Milner, Silva and whoever else City signs will get a huge paycheck and a great kit.

1. Arsenal Home

THANK YOU NIKE!!! The past two years’ atrocity of a home kit, you have finally given us a proper home shirt. This is a throwback to the kit worn by the Double winning squad of 1970-71, and boy oh boy is it a proper kit. Arsenal finally has the kit they deserve, and for the first time since 2005-06, are the finest dressed team in the EPL.

There you have it, the good and bad of kits in the EPL this season – J


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